A Child's Journey to Recovery: Chest Cavity Tumor Surgery and Beyond


A three-and-a-half-year-old baby girl was diagnosed with a tumor in chest. She suffered from tumor in chest symptoms for females, mainly pain and sleepless nights. She was recommended to undergo chest cavity tumor surgery to treat her condition. Her parents were very concerned and anxious about the complications associated with such critical surgery on a small child and feared losing their girl to such a procedure. At the same time, they also wanted their child to get the best treatment.

Although reluctant about the surgery because of the associated risks, the girl’s father mustered the courage and contacted MediBuddy to seek assistance for his baby girl.

Watching their child struggle with this health condition, the parents were extremely tense and confused about the situation. Multiple hospitals and doctors were suggested to the parents by their friends and relatives to undergo surgery. However, they were unable to choose the best one for their daughter. They were in search of a pediatric surgeon and a hospital that could treat their daughter’s condition without causing any complications and minimising risk to her life.

Finding the right pediatric surgeon

Saurav Sharma from the MediBuddy Surgery Care team connected with the girl’s father to discuss the situation and reach the best possible solution. The parents were worried about the situation due to a lack of clarity, so Saurav arranged a free first consultation for them with a surgeon. The expert was able to provide them with the right advice on the complication of the girl’s situation, and explained the criticality of surgical intervention, along with details on cost estimations and next steps that need to be taken. After discussing the costs and procedure for chest tumor surgery with the patient’s parents, our support team searched for the right hospital via MediBuddy’s vast network and MIOT hospital, Chennai, was finalised for pediatric surgery. This is because it is a trustworthy hospital with all the expertise to perform surgery on paediatric patients. Saurav recommended the best surgeon with paediatric expertise, and it was Dr. Robert Coelho at MIOT Hospital. The patient’s parents interacted with the doctor. The Special Care Team facilitated this interaction. They were very happy with Dr. Robert Coelho and the hospital infrastructure.

A hassle-free chest cavity surgery done safely with complete assistance

The surgery was scheduled for 16th September, 2022, but the patient was admitted to MIOT on 9th September, 2022 to carry out clinical investigations. A day before admission, clinical coordinator Shridevi arranged a call with a MediBuddy psychologist to reduce the parent’s anxiety. She also guided parents to carry all the essentials required for the patient during the hospital stay.

On the day of admission, Abdul Basit, MediBuddy’s City Buddy, was there before the family arrived to help them with admission. He also helped them with insurance-related paperwork at the time of admission. Prior to surgery, all the necessary scans were done.

On 16th September, 2022, surgery was done successfully, and the chest tumor was removed. The parents were relieved that their child did not experience any complications after the surgery.

Saurav and Shridevi connected with the father multiple times over the weekends.

Whenever the family had concerns or doubts, they were always willing to address them and guide them. They were the source of the family’s calmness and offered the strength that helped the family survive through critical surgery on their child.

Constant motivation and support for recovery

After surgery, the child was kept in the ICU for 2 days under observation and then shifted to the normal ward. Saurav’s and Shridevi’s support didn't stop with the successful chest cavity tumor surgery. They remained in constant touch with the family, guiding them with medication, post-operative precautions, etc. Everyone’s efforts paid off, and the child was discharged on 23rd September, 2022.

The journey is worth the destination

The patient’s family was extremely happy with Saurav’s and Shridevi’s support and Abdul’s assistance. They expressed immense gratitude to the entire MediBuddy team for their constant support and end-to-end ownership.  

Words of the patient: “The entire MediBuddy team was very supportive and took complete ownership. I take this opportunity to appreciate the work started by MediBuddy for people all across India to provide high-quality healthcare to all.”

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