Successful Pediatric Eye Surgery: A Journey of a 7-year-Old Baby


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A 7-year-old baby boy was diagnosed with a rare disease called primary congenital glaucoma (PCG). He suffered severe discomfort due to partial loss of vision. The child was 2 years into this disease and was finding it very difficult to read, write, and perform his daily tasks. Seeing this small child suffering from this rare and disabling condition was very traumatizing for his parents. After performing multiple tests, it was advised that surgery may be needed to rectify the child’s condition. The father was very sad and depressed by seeing his son’s suffering. He was eager to relieve his little child of this suffering, so he reached out to MediBuddy for support by calling the Surgery Care helpline – 080 6947 4676/080 4718 6330

Finding the right hospital and the best surgeon

Our CareBuddy, Mallikarjun contacted the boy’s father. The father got in touch with him multiple times after.  Mallikarjun patiently helped the anxious father by attending to all his doubts and concerns related to treatment, the timelines of the surgery, how long it would take to recover, and much more.

The patient had already undergone a series of eye tests and ophthalmology scans. Mallikarjun highlighted to the father that there weren’t any great eye hospitals in Patna with the expertise in doing trabeculectomy. Mallikarjun requested the father to send all the medical reports. The report was forwarded to internal MediBuddy doctors. Even our doctors highlighted the need for trabeculectomy surgery.

Considering that no reliable hospitals could perform such a complicated surgery in Patna, Mallikarjun convinced the patient’s family to travel to Delhi. The patient's family agreed, as their child’s health was their priority.

The family traveled from Patna to Delhi and attended a face-to-face doctor consultation. The doctor mentioned the need for surgery. The patient’s family wanted to consider a second opinion because it was a complicated surgery. Mallikarjun contacted the Central Scheduling and Clinical Coordinators from the MediBuddy Surgery Team. They arranged for another free consultation for the patient at another eye hospital in Delhi. The patient visited the doctor; various tests were performed, and the diagnosis was confirmed. The doctor also confirmed the need for surgery to rectify the child’s vision.

The father was satisfied with the diagnosis after the second consultation.

Complete assistance before, during, and after the surgery

Finally, the family decided to proceed with the surgery at IClinix Advanced Eye And Retina Centre, Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. The surgery was scheduled for the day after the consultation. The surgery was performed by Dr. Varun, a surgeon and an ophthalmology/eye specialist with 16 years of experience.

A cab was arranged for the patient and his family from their hotel room to the hospital on the day of the surgery. The surgery began at around 9 a.m. and went on for approximately 2 hours for both eyes. The surgery was completed safely and successfully. The patient responded well to the eye surgery and faced no complications. He was discharged on the same day in the evening. A cab was arranged from the hospital to the patient’s hotel room.

The patient was asked to visit the hospital following surgery; he was absolutely well. The family was informed that the patient should be brought to the hospital again after 15 days to perform the keratoconus surgery.

The patient and his family visited the hospital again for keratoconus surgery, it was completed successfully, and the child regained his clear vision.

Journey to recovery after a successful surgery

The patient was extremely happy and relieved. The entire MediBuddy Team ensured that the patient was completely taken care of. They were readily available over the phone and in person. The patient and his father were extremely happy with the service provided and the treatment outcomes. They were contented with the assistance provided by our CareBuddy Mallikarjun and others.

Words of the patient’s father:

“The entire MediBuddy team was very supportive and took complete ownership. I take this opportunity to appreciate the creative work started by MediBuddy for people across India. It is excellent that high-quality healthcare facilities are made accessible to all.”

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