Woman Sees Clearly Again After Cataract Surgery


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A 65-year-old woman living in Hyderabad suffered from blurry vision and teary eyes. It had become difficult for her to carry out daily activities, and having watery eyes all the time was proving to be very inconvenient.

M Hanmanth Naik, Phlebotomist at MediBuddy, visited the patient’s house for blood collection, and a full body check-up was performed. During his visit, the patient expressed that she found it extremely difficult to perform her daily chores due to blurry vision. Showing end-to-end ownership, Hanmanth referred the lady to the Surgery Care team. The team facilitated some specific eye tests, and she was diagnosed with a cataract in her eye, for which, surgery was recommended.

Finding the best hospital and surgeon

Gangadhar R, CareBuddy at MediBuddy, contacted the patient’s son. He cleared all the doubts of the attendant (the patient’s son) and answered all his questions related to medical technicalities, reimbursement, insurance, the timelines of the surgery and how long it would take to recover, and much more.

The woman had already undergone right eye cataract surgery a few weeks ago. CareBuddy Shreya from MediBuddy facilitated that surgery.

Gangadhar assisted the patient with the left eye cataract surgery. He assured the son that his mother’s surgery would be performed by experienced doctors in the country, and she would be cured at the earliest.

Gangadhar called the patient’s son, and the necessary details were collected to book a consultation for the next day.

The consultation was scheduled at High Sight Hospital in Hyderabad for 20th March, 2023. A confirmation call was made to inform the patient about the scheduled consultation. A reminder call was made on the day of the consultation. The patient visited the hospital for the consultation; the doctor suggested surgery be conducted on 24th March, 2023.

A well-supported journey: From consultation to recovery

On 24th March, 2023, the surgery began on time and was completed successfully. The hospital, being part of the MediBuddy network, provided them with a hefty discount. Overall, the patient had to pay only the bare minimum for eye check-up, eyesight tests, and procedures. After the surgery, the doctors examined the patient, and she was discharged the same day. CareBuddy Gangadhar made the patient and her son aware of the post-operative care needed until complete recovery, and aligned the MediBuddy Clinical team for her post-op care.

A worthwhile collaboration

The patient was extremely happy with Hanmantha’s referral to the Surgery Care Team and Gangadhar’s coordination. The patient appreciated the efforts taken by MediBuddy to help the patient get the surgery done without any complications and hassle. The patient mentioned that she and her entire family were extremely happy with the entire MediBuddy team for their support and complete ownership.

Words of the patient:

“I take this opportunity to appreciate the creative work started by MediBuddy for people across India. It is excellent that high-quality healthcare facilities are made accessible to all.”

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