6 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Growing Slowly!


There are two types of people in the world- one kind are the people who experience rapid hair growth. It could be their genes, good luck or A1 healthcare routine; heaven only knows! On the other hand, there are people who experience really slow hair growth. They keep looking in the mirror, counting the days and centimetres, hoping and praying for long and luscious locks.

If you belong to the latter, then you have come to the right place. If you constantly keep asking yourself, “Why is my hair growing so slow?”, then read on to find all the answers to your question.

Long hair growth cycle:

The life cycle of the hair cells consists of three stages: anagen, catagen and telogen. New hair strands start to form only when the cycle is complete. This life cycle is a naturally determined process and that being said, some people have long hair growth cycles while some people have shorter cycles.

Vitamin deficiency:

Researchers have found that vitamin deficiency is one of the leading causes of slow hair growth. This is because the external health of your hair is directly determined by how healthy your hair cells are. Lack of a proper diet and hair care routine deprive the hair cells of the essential nutrients that are required for hair growth. Deficiencies, commonly of Vitamins D and B12 along with Iron, can also lead to hairfall. If you are struggling with hairfall, here is a list of dos and donts that you should definitely follow in order to minimize hairfall.


This might come across as a surprise but staying hydrated is imperative for the health of your hair. This is because water makes up approximately one-quarter of your hair and also moisturizes the scalp. A moisturized and healthy scalp is a very important factor when it comes to boosting hair growth.

Side effect of medications:

In some cases, the growth of your hair can slow down considerably as a side effect of certain medicines. These include antibiotics, acne treatment products, muscle mass supplements, and birth control pills amongst many others. If you have noticed slow hair growth cycles right after starting the course of prescribed medications, it is best to cross check with a doctor and take measures accordingly.

Talk A Hair Expert

Use of excessive styling products: It is no surprise that using styling products and excessively blow drying your hair can have adverse effects on the growth cycle of your hair. Styling tools and products dry up the natural essential oils of the hair, thus killing all the moisture on the scalp. A dry and unhealthy scalp causes the hair to grow slower than usual.

Alopecia: Alopecia is a very common hair condition that is associated with slow or no hair growth. In simple words, alopecia is sudden hair loss with thinning spots appearing on the top of the head. Alopecia has many forms and is caused due to the immune system attacking its own body (autoimmune disease). Research suggests that this condition can significantly affect one’s hair growth. However, the main symptom of alopecia is hairfall. In addition to alopecia, these are the other causes of hairfall

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It is important to note that some of these underlying causes are easy to fix. However, some underlying causes might require the help of a hair expert. Slow hair growth can also be a symptom of various underlying health conditions. If you think that slow hair growth is due to an underlying health condition, you can always talk to a hair expert in less than 30 minutes only on  MediBuddy