Hair loss: Dos and Donts


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You can probably tell out of personal experience that your hair plays a very important role in the way you look and feel. On good hair days, you feel like you can conquer the world whereas, on a bad hair day, all you want to do is stay at home curled up on your bed. Even though good hair days are never guaranteed, hair loss can guarantee bad hair days.

According to statistics, eight in ten men experience hair loss whereas four in ten women experience hair loss. Along with guaranteed bad hair days, hair loss can also cause embarrassment and stress. While the intensity of hair loss and the treatment undertaken is different for different people, there are some basic do’s and dont’s that go a long way while dealing with hair loss.

Below you’ll find a list of do's and dont's to help you with your hair loss crisis:


Keep waiting for a miracle: You won’t wake up one day and find that your hair loss is gone. You will have to do certain things to make it go away, especially the ones mentioned in the DO’s section of this article.

Use too many styling products: Using excessive styling products will give you a couple hours of perfect hair followed by a lifetime of hair loss.

Depend on supplements to cure your hair loss: Using supplements can possibly add on to your hair loss due to the side effects caused by various chemicals.

Blow-dry your hair excessively: Blow drying will simply make your hair dry and more prone to hair loss.

Panic about your hair loss: Panicking will just make it difficult for you to deal with your hair loss and it will in no way help cure it.


Dry your hair gently: Using a rough cloth or drying your hair vigorously will damage your hair follicles which can lead to hair loss.

Reduce your stress: As stress is one of the most prominent causes of hair loss, reducing your sources of stress can help in many ways in reducing hair loss.

Wash and condition your hair regularly: Washing and conditioning your hair regularly will keep dirt particles, dandruff, lice, etc off your hair and also keep them nourished and healthy.

Stick to a balanced diet: A well-balanced diet goes hand in hand with great hair as it provides the right internal nourishment to your hair.

Quit smoking: Smoking leads to reduced blood circulation in the body which restricts the proper flow of nutrients and proteins to the hair follicles. Giving up smoking does exactly the opposite and your hair will thank you for that.

Know that a little hair fall is normal: Minimum hair fall on a regular basis is normal as it paves the way for new, nourished and thicker hair follicles.

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