Importance Of Sex Drive In Men & Women


What is the definition of sex drive? Another term for sex drive is libido. Sex drive is a non-clinical term for the enthusiasm or interest that one has for sexual activities with their partners or with themselves. The lack of it or surplus of it can be indicative of the state of your mental and physical functioning. Sexual desire can vary from time to time. However, studies on couples have shown that those who feel sexual desire more often throughout the day tend to have a better sex life.

Here are certain reasons why sex drive is important:

  • Sex drive is indicative of life energy: Libido is often an indication of a person’s feelings of motivation and confidence. Higher sex drive often leads to more confidence and contributes to a person’s overall happiness.
  • Sex drive protects the health: Studies centred around men have shown that there is a 50% decrease in cardiovascular mortality if they have frequent sex. Similar findings have also established the same fact in case of women.
  • Sex improves blood flow: Optimum sex drive leading to healthy sexual encounters causes dilation of blood vessels all over the body that in turn improves blood flow to different organs. This also facilitates the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and improves the health of the organs.
  • Sex drive reduces stress: Researches conducted over the years have shown that people with high sex drive and an active sex life tend to feel less anxiety and stress. Sex causes the release of oxytocin and dopamine—hormones that are related to positive feelings. Oxytocin improves mood, lowers blood pressure and cortisol and even brings a glow in the skin.
    These are some of the vital reasons that make sex drive important for overall well being.

Reasons for low sex drive in men

  • Low libido or low sex drive can be caused by several reasons in men. One major reason for low sex drive is due to low secretion of the male hormone, testosterone. If the testosterone secretion drops below 300 to 350 nanogram per deciliter then the sex drive in men can drop drastically. For such cases, you may need to consult a sexologist doctor.
  • Another major reason for low sex drive among men is depression and stress. Depression and low libido go hand in hand. While therapy can help to ameliorate depression, anti-depressants often exacerbate the loss of sex drive.
  • Lifestyle problems like chain smoking and alcoholism can also affect sex drive as excess alcohol redirects the enzymes that are needed to synthesize testosterone from the testes to the liver causing low testosterone secretion.
  • Obesity is directly related to low sex drive as it affects metabolism causing hormonal imbalance.

Reasons for low sex drive in Women

Unlike men, it is far more difficult to pinpoint one reason for low sex drive among women. In women, it is often a mix of emotional, psychological, and mental factors. Studies have shown that nearly 50% of women suffer from low sex drive. One of the major reason for low sex drive among women is hormonal imbalance caused due to low estrogen, cortisol, and thyroid hormone secretion.

One major cause behind such hormonal imbalances is obesity. Chronic diseases such as hypothyroidism, anaemia, diabetes can also adversely affect a woman’s sex drive. Low sex drive is also caused by stress and anxiety. Prolonged stress can lead to depression that can kill the sex drive in a woman. Consulting a doctor is mandatory in such situations.

How to treat low sex drive?

Doctors who are well-versed in sexology have come up with several natural ways to treat low sex drive among men and women. One of the best ways to increase your libido is by managing anxiety. This can be done by practising good sleep hygiene, taking out time for your hobbies, and exercising regularly. You need to focus on your relationship with your partner.

If needed, arrange for date nights, do activities together that will make you both enjoy the time that you spend in each other’s company. It is very important to focus on foreplay to make sure that you have a better sexual experience that will, in turn, increase your libido.

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