These Are The Reasons For Excessive Masturbation!


Masturbation is a natural thing. If considered medically, masturbation does no harm. In fact, research suggests that masturbation, if done occasionally, is actually healthy. However, all of us are well aware of the fact that anything done in excess is bad for health and the same holds true for masturbation. Masturbation should only be done to receive sexual gratification. A person should know that things are going out of hand when they start depending on masturbation on a daily basis. For instance, many people cannot fall asleep without masturbating or they need to masturbate before an important meeting. This sort of dependency is extremely detrimental to one’s physical health and can also have a negative impact on the person's mental health.

The big question here is ‘Why does a person get into the habit of excess masturbation in the first place?’ Listed below are the reasons for the same.

Addiction to porn: In many cases, addiction to porn and addiction to masturbation go hand in hand. This is because every time a person watches porn, he/she feels sexually aroused and ends up masturbating. Over time, this turns into a vicious cycle which ends up in excessive masturbation.

Boredom: Many people turn to masturbation when they have nothing to do or feel bored. This habit falsely convinces the person to believe that masturbation is a legitimate option for boredom and overtime, this leads to the problem of excessive masturbation.

Stress: Masturbation does relieve stress to a certain extent but many a time, people make it their ‘go to’ option whenever they encounter a stressful situation. Instead of choosing other beneficial recreational activities, they choose masturbation which gets them addicted. Addiction to masturbation also reduces the overall sexual gratification which is usually obtained by the act of masturbation.

Sexual thoughts: Some people are unable to get a grip over their sexual thoughts and therefore, end up masturbating. This is because they expose themselves to certain triggers like erotic images, pornography, etc very frequently.

Washroom breaks: Some people are used to masturbating every time they take a bathroom break. What starts off as a one time thing ends up becoming a habit in the long run.

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