We Are 4 Years Old | Our Story So Far


Our life began in 2015, and the last 4 years have just been practice - Satish Kannan, CEO & Co-founder, DocsApp.

Some people ask me why even celebrate birthdays. I tell them that a birthday signifies the beginning, it is a momentous occasion, and a time to celebrate. Importantly, it is a time to reflect and look back on what we have achieved so far.

We launched DocsApp on 31st July 2015, after realising that access to a specialist doctor was a huge challenge in India. We believed that mobile technology could help in making healthcare services more accessible, especially for people living in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Patients who could not travel to the big cities to consult specialist doctors, could do that on DocsApp with the touch of a button. The simple aim was to provide accessible healthcare to people with no access to medical aid.

Since we started our mission to change the face of healthcare in India, it wasn’t easy to reach where we have, but the response we have seen has been extraordinary. I’m proud of what we have achieved and here is a brief look at how we have touched the lives of millions of Indians.

I recently saw UNICEF’s 70th-anniversary campaign and it had a powerful impact on me. It reminded me that birthdays aren’t always a moment to take a break. I realized that for all companies out there, a birthday or an anniversary is also a moment to give back to our society. It stands as a reminder of how much still needs to be done, to make the world a safer and healthier place for everybody.

On our 4th birthday, we have something special for everyone who has helped build DocsApp, and for everyone out there who has benefitted through our healthcare platform. We are proud to present the #BaatTohKaro initiative.

Great companies are built through innovation, but more importantly on the foundations of tradition. This year we would like to start a new tradition, one which resonates with everyone. We want you to open up and talk, instead of bearing problems in silence. Talking about an issue is the first step to resolution and it opens a new path to freedom from barriers. We urge you to share your story about how DocsApp has impacted your life. You can also talk about the issues in your life that need to be talked about, i say let's talk #BaatTohKaro.

Share your stories with us @  http://bit.ly/2LRkFGP  with the #BaatTohKaro

Share your experience with us @ https://www.facebook.com/DocsApp/  with the #BaatTohKaro