The Pros And Cons Of Contact Lens And Spectacles


What are lenses?

Contact lenses are thin curved lenses, which are placed on the layer that covers the surface of the eye. To be precise, the contact lens is to be laid on the eyeball of the eye. It is a replacement for glasses in a lot of cases. The contact lens’s function is to correct the refractive errors of the eyes of the user.

There are different types and materials of which lenses are made up like soft lenses are made up of gel-like water comprising plastic hydrogels. Silicon lenses are the most common lenses which are made with an advanced type of soft contact lens material. There are lens-like gas permeable lenses (RGP) that are made up of oxygen permeable materials.

What are spectacles/glasses?

Spectacles are made up of glass or hard plastic/fiber lenses, bordered by a frame that is usually made of plastics or metal. The frame has a nose-shaped gap for the nose area and hinged arms attached to temples that rest on the ears. Spectacles were also invented to correct refractive errors.

Glasses are completely and entirely customizable as per the shape, aesthetic, and weight needs of the users. The materials of the lens available are crown glass, polycarbonate, and the newly added blue block lens. One can choose the frame of the spectacles according to their wish and need.

How to wear them?

Well, wearing spectacles is no big task as you just have to unfold and place them on your nose while adjusting its hinds above the ears. Though cleaning the lens/glass is a must. There are glasses cleaning solutions available, spray it on the glass and wipe it thoroughly with a cleaning cloth. If not a solution, you can simply sprinkle a few drops of lukewarm water and wipe it with a cloth.

For applying contact lenses, you have to be extra careful. Firstly, wash your hands properly. Open the lid of only 1 side of the contact lens case to avoid a mix-up of both accidentally. Gently, slide the contact lens out of the case with the help of your fingertip. Since these lenses are delicate, you have to be careful while placing the fingertip, as it may end up getting damaged.

Gradually, place the contact lens in your palm and rinse it with your contact solution, check for debris, if any. Further, carefully place the concave side of the lens upwards (it looks like a bowl) on your fingertip. If needed, then hold your eye open with the other hand and calmly move the lens towards your eyes. Steadily, place the lens on the iris of the eye, softly press the contact lens once positioned on the eyeball.

Contact lens vs. Spectacles, which is the better option?

A comparison between two things made as a solution to the same problem is difficult. Before choosing any one of them, recognise your purpose of purchasing. These eye-wears are for correcting and adjusting the power, the aesthetics of the face, or the specs, though important are secondary.

You must take your lifestyle, budget, and convenience, and comfort into consideration before purchasing either contact lenses or glasses. Also, you should know how to wear them, where not to wear them, and how to dispose of or clean them.

Spectacles are low maintenance and affordable for everyone. Since there is no contact while placing it before the eyes, there are fewer chances to get any infection. The lenses alone come with different variations that protect 100% from harmful UV rays. Blue block lenses do not cause eye strain when working with digital gadgets.

Spectacles are cheaper when compared to contact lenses. You can customize your frame according to your wish. Even sunglasses can be made ‘powered’ ones just like normal spectacles. Lastly, it enhances your personality.

On the contrary, lenses are fragile thus they cost more than spectacles. They are better than spectacles if you have an active lifestyle. Lenses come in a variety of colors, which means you can add to your looks even as you get the ease of good eyesight without having to use specs. Along with the front view, contact lenses will give peripheral vision too.

There are chances where you can damage your eyes if you forget to remove them while sleeping or go outside on a windy day which may cause dirt to enter inside your eyes. You have to stay away from warm things like a bonfire or live barbeque if wearing a lens. People with dry and sensitive eyes cannot wear lenses as they might cause problems to the eyes.

It can be concluded that while lens and specs both have their pros and cons, the final decision lies with the user, but do remember to talk to a specialist before making a purchase decision.

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