6 Reasons Why Small Boobs Are A Blessing


And the award for the most under appreciated twins goes to **Small Boobs. **

They are tagged unworthy, pointless and cursed. They are always looked down upon, not literally, though. But enough is enough. It’s time to change all the wrongs that small boobs are often subjected to.

Small boobs are selfless. They always put you first, no matter what. They never come in your way when you’re doing things and they always take the back seat on dates and let your natural charm and charisma. They put your interests before their interests and never take the spotlight away from you. They love you and all they ask for in return is a ‘little’ love.

**1. They always stay where you need them to ‘B’: **

Think of big boobs as the big, beautiful sky but the moment the bra comes off, the sky falls. Breast sagging is one of the most frustrating concerns for women with big boobs but not for you. Your breasts are like two obedient young siblings who stay exactly where you need ‘em to be, bra or no bra.

**2. They never come in the way of your sports: **

Every time your friend with big boobs is out jogging or playing tennis, you must’ve noticed that their boobs play a little game of their own as well. With a whole other ball game happening right under the shirt, it gets little difficult for big breasted women to focus on their own play time.  But you M’lady, are gifted with small boobs which fit right in when it comes to sports without making any unwanted moves. 

3. They help you bring your ‘A’ game in the bedroom:

According to a study done at the University of Vienna, small boobs are 24% more sensitive than big boobs. The takeaway here is simple, big boobs might be a blessing for the world but when it comes to the bedroom, your small boobs ensure that your pleasure gets the first priority. That’s a slap in the face for everyone who says, “The bigger, the better.”

**4. You will never run out of fashionable bras to choose from: **

Walk into a lingerie store with a pair of small boobs and you can literally hear all the fashionable and sexy bras calling out them,push-up, half-cup, padded, you name it and you can have it. On the flip side, women with big boobs have to choose from outdated bras which not only look boring but take a very heavy toll on their wallets as well.  

**5. You’ll find a guy who doesn’t love you for your boobs: **

As I mentioned earlier, your small boobs always place your interests first. They ensure that you get a guy who loves you not for your double deckers but your beautiful face and your perfect personality. Think of small boobs as your two cousins who do the job of filtering out the bad guys who are just into you for the dirty job.  

**6. They will never be the reason for your back pain: **

Studies have shown that big breasted women usually end up with aching backs because of the massive weight they constantly carry on their front. Over a period of time, it also spoils the curvature of your back and the overall posture of your body. But small boobs add no extra weight to your already stressed body which proves that they always have your back, in the right way.  

Now you must be feeling horrible about all the times you criticized them. Don’t worry, just go ahead, give them a tight hug and from this day onwards, always hold them close to your heart.. Wait! They already are.

**Team DocsApp. **

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