9 Signs Of A Healthy Sex Life


A sage once asked me, “Choose between a good sex life or a good memory.”
“To be honest, I don’t remember what my answer was.”

Okay okay, jokes apart, a good sex life is something everyone wants. Everyone wants to have a good time in between the sheets with the person they love the most. You’ve probably heard your colleagues at work or your girlfriends at a kitty party talk about their sex life. Details about how they do it, how often they do and where they do it, everything is out there in the open and that’s when the big question hits you. You start to wonder whether your sex life as interesting and intriguing as your friends?

Don’t you worry because we have got your back. Listed below are some points that will help you understand whether or not, you and your partner lead a healthy sex life:

Confident about your body: Loving your body and being confident about it is the first step towards a healthy sex life.

Talk out loud: If you and partner can talk about your needs in the bedroom, your sex life is definitely on the right track.

Talk deep or dirty: Know that you’re doing things right if you either say the most intense and loving things while making love or you downright talk dirty. There’s no in between.

Spice things up: Your sex life is going uphill, if once in a while, you and your partner spice things up in the bedroom.

Not keeping track: Once in a week or 7 times a week; as long as you’re having good sex, the quantity doesn’t really matter. Always remember, quality over quantity.

Secure about your partner: A trustworthy relationship equals to a healthy sex life. If you and your partner are secure regarding each other, there’s nothing that can come in the way of good sex.

Enjoy every moment: Every moment counts when it comes to making love. Therefore, you’re doing things right if you make every single moment count.

Give and have space: Understanding that your partner is not in the mood for sex and co-operating with them is indeed of one of the signs of a healthy sex life.

Happy ending: Last but not the least, if you and your partner are able to give each other a happy ending, congratulations, you have got a healthy sex life.

There you go! May you always enjoy a happy and healthy sex life!

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