6 Tips To Help You Stay Positive


This is how we usually treat positivity.

Positivity: Hey! I am waiting outside your door since forever.  Please let me in!

You: slide a note from the lower gap of the door

Sorry! I can’t meet you right now. I’m actually in an important meeting with negativity about how we can collectively ruin my life.

**Positivity: ** Okay! I guess I will just wait. I guess you not answering the door is a good thing because it will give me more time to work on my list of how to make your life better. Thank you!

Why are you doing this to yourself? I know it’s something you don’t want to do but the devil of negativity is taking control all over you. So, here are a few things you can do to let positivity into your life and kick negativity out of the back door:

**Note: It will take each and every minute of each and every day to level up your positivity. **

1. Replace your thoughts:  Life is a movie and your thoughts are what makes you the victim or the hero.  Your thoughts are like seeds and it’s up to you whether you want to grow a cactus or a sunflower. A good way to start replacing your thoughts is to start small. Lost your earphones and you have no way of passing time on the bus? Guess who’s going to start reading a book? See how it works.

2. Differentiate between positive and negative: Feelings and emotions are strong but you are stronger. You choose how you feel. Everything can be broken down into positive and negative. You just have to put the positive in the right place (in your head) and  negativity in the right place (out of your life.) Even a battery refuses to work if you switch the negative and positive side, right?

3. Wake up with positivity: Say, you’re running a 300m race and you get a head start on the race by two minutes. That will somehow make you believe that you can win the race. The point here is that beginnings are very important. Add a dose of positivity in the first task of the day i.e waking up and everything else you do throughout the day will drip positivity. Waking up all grumpy and sad will mislead you into thinking that you will get tired and irritated for the entire day and a positive person like you would not want that.

4. Know that there are multiple ways of getting things done: The biggest source of negativity is things not working out your way. You feel like you’ve reached a dead end. But in life, there are no dead ends, there is just re-routing. Your goal is still waiting for you out there, you just need to find another way. It might be a long way but the vehicle of positivity will surely get you there.

**5. Change the words you speak: **I work hard all day to pay my bills. Working hard all day allows me to pay my own bills. See the difference there? Self-affirmation is the biggest source of positivity at your disposal. Every fruitful task you do is leading you somewhere, maybe not financially but physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. You just need to acknowledge that with words you say.

6. Stop comparing your life to others: When you compare, you are usually comparing someone’s highlight reel with your behind the scenes struggle. It’s ought to bring you down. Say, you want to be a singer but instead of working hard, you’re pondering over the fact that the other guy is way better than you. If that’s what you like doing, for once compare yourself with the guy who loves singing but was born dumb. You’re your source of positivity and if you know one new thing as compared to yesterday, you’re already a winner.  

Positivity is still out there waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

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