Penile Enlargement


Advertisements for penis enlargement products and procedures are all over the place.Various number of pumps, pills, weights and surgeries claim to increase the length and width of your penis. However evidence suggests that non surgical methods of enlargement have low success rates. Most of the advertisements we come across are fake and harm/ damage your penis. Most men opt to penile enlargement techniques due to their lack of confidence and the fear that their penis size is too small to satisfy their significant other. Although most men think so, studies have suggested that most men who think their penis size is smaller, in fact have normal size penis.
A penis is considered abnormally small only if it measures less than 3 inches when erect which is defined by a condition called micropenis.

Men go through drastic measures to inflate their confidence in the bedroom.
Let us find out the common less effective methods used:

Lotion and Pills: Most men opt for lotions and pills as it is an easy and faster way. But, the lotions usually consists of herbs and untested chemicals which can cause permanent damage to the skin and organ.
Penile stretcher: It is a mechanical traction device attached to the penis and is directed to be left attached for a period of 12 hours in a day. This might cause tears and scar tissue formation. It can also cause disfigurement of the penis.
Vacuum Pumps: More and more men are resorting to usage of vacuum pumps which increase the blood flow to the head of the penis and momentarily increases the size of the penis. Although the size increases for the time being, it is only temporary. It goes back to the normal size once the blood tension in the vessels is restored. Prolonged use of vacuum pumps causes permanent damage to the penis and its stretchability. This causes reduction in the firmness of the erect penis.
Surgical Extension: This method is the most foolproof method of enlargement. No medical institution openly endorses penile enlargement just for cosmetic purposes. Although it most definitely gives results, it has many complications like loss of sensation, scarring, paradoxical shortening, disfigurement etc

Helpful tips
Communicate: Talk to your partner about the size issue. Do not hesitate or assume that your significant other is unhappy because of the size of your penis. Explore the reason for unhappiness.
Reduce Weight: Beer Belly or central obesity can make the size of your penis appear small. Reduce your paunch . Increased physical activity can improve your endurance in bed also.
Talk to a specialist: Feeling unhappy about your penis size is common. Seek help if it is affecting your daily activities and self confidence.

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