5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Eat Too Many Papads


Roasted, deep fried, masala, chilli, pepper and a hundred more varieties. We all love to gorge on papads,we eat them as starters, as accompaniments or simply as a snack.

Here are a few things that you did not know about papads:

**High sodium benzoate content: ** Preservatives are added in papad to increase it’s shelf life. The Sodium benzoate added as a preservative can have adverse effects on health. Eating a lot of papad could cause hyperactivity in children.

High salt content: Consumption of excess amounts of salt affects the health. It is the main reason for causing hypertension and heart disease and also causes water retention and swelling.

Risk of hyperacidity: The various varieties of papads contain excessive amounts of spices, this could trigger hyperacidity in your body. the tastier the papad the higher the preservatives and the spices.

High absorption of oil: Deep frying papads is the tastiest way to eat papads, most of the people prefer deep frying papads and not roasting them. The oil used to fry papads could shoot up your cholestrol levels and if you’re trying to lose weight, ditch the papad.

Roasted Papads are not safe:  Research has proven that when papads are roasted, fried or microwave roasted, acrylamide, a probable carcinogen or cancer-causing substance is formed due to its alkaline salt (sodium benzoate) content. But the formation of acrylamide is maximum when the papads are roasted and the least when they are microwave roasted. Flame roasting or frying papads should be avoided.

May be made in unhygienic conditions: You wouldn’t want to know how papads are prepared. After being rolled out, they are left to dry out in the sun, the polluatnts in the air could contaminate the papads. The rolling surface is a breeding ground for microorganisms. Choose a brand of papad that you can trust, even better just find an aunt who makes papads at home and purchase it from her directly.


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