6 Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms


Calling out all men! Calling out all men!

Hello men! Trust me you need this article more than the ladies because this article is going to give you insights on ‘why women fake their orgasms.’

Before you say, “My girl never has to fake orgasms”, they do. I repeat, they do. The authors of a Canadian study interviewed 14 women to ask whether they had faked an orgasm before—and if so, why. Thirteen of those 14 copped to having feigned orgasm or pleasure. Unfortunately, there’s very little you can do about it because mostly, the reasons are circumstantial and beyond your control.

However, knowing the reasons might help you tackle the situation a little better so let’s get into it.

1. She wants to have a happy ending: Can you blame her for this? If someone should be blamed, it should be Bollywood movies. When a man has sex, 9 out of 10 times, he will have a happy ending and while that’s happening, it’s just odd for the girl to just lie there thinking, “Great! What about me now?”. Therefore, she becomes her own superhero and slays the ‘climax’ scene.

2. She’s tired and wants to get it over with: She woke up with the sun, worked for 8 hours (make that 11), traveled for 2 hours and didn’t have time to have a healthy lunch. She’s tired and finally when she walks in the bedroom, there you lay, waiting under the sheets. All she wants is to hit the sack but guess what, she is literally ‘tooo’ tired to argue (or convince you) about it and therefore she decides that it’s best to just ‘hit the sack’, quickly fake it (which leaves you thinking that you’re a beast in bed. HAHA. LOL. SURE!) and sleep.

3. She really likes you and doesn’t want to hurt you: She finds you cute. You make her laugh. She really likes you. A new romance is budding. Finally, you guys decide to take it to the next level and that’s when she finds out the ‘ugly truth’ about your bedroom skill set but she doesn’t want to hurt you, so she decides to fake it. C’mon! I know you’re feeling dejected but look at the bright side: She really likes you and you can always work on your skill set.

Calling out all men! Calling out all men!

4. She doesn’t want to be judged: “WHAAT? I can’t believe that you didn’t orgasm?” No woman wants to ever hear this. I mean, you are directly questioning her libido, man. Maybe she has something else going on in her mind or maybe, sex is just not her way of reaching an orgasm (Quick tip: Foreplay is the key here) but then the fear of being judged is constantly on her mind and that’s why she fakes it.

5. It’s taking too long: You are going strong, bringing on your ‘A Game’ and the session has been going on for quite some time now. Usually, that’s a great thing. (Good going, playa!) but it’s been really long now and her stomach is growling, her favorite sitcom is halfway done, she has to iron her clothes and she needs to make that important phone call. She’s a smart woman and knows that time waits for no one and thus, decides to ‘fast forward’ her orgasm and ‘finish’ the dirty job.

6. She’s just not feeling it: Casual sex is on the rise and maybe when she called you late at night, she thought she could do it but now when she’s in the moment with you, she knows that there is no real connection and there never will be. She knows that she’s made a mistake and knowing that there is no way to undo it, she decides to ‘get it over with’ and never repeat it again. That’s a slap in the face for everyone who says that women aren’t practical and wise!

I know, I know. I am so sorry to burst your bubble but these things happen and you need to know about them. On an optimistic note, this should work as serious motivation for you step up your sex game and ensure that when you share a bed with a woman, she never has to fake it. (the only problem is, she will)

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