Is Acupressure And Acupuncture The Solution To Losing Weight?


Acupressure and acupuncture utilize various points along 12 basic meridians in the body. These meridians are energy pathways, which are believed to carry “qi” or “chi”, the Chinese terms for life energy. The basic concept is that illness is caused by a blockage in qi. The needles in acupuncture and the pressure in acupressure can unblock these energy pathways and restore the easy and unimpeded flow of qi. Read further to learn more about the points of acupressure that aids in increased metabolism and weight loss.

ear_pressure_702x366Acupressure on the ear: Place your thumb directly in front of the triangular shaped flap of tissue(called tragus) found at the front of each ear. Since the thumb has large surface area it is used for acupressure points.Apply mild and sustained pressure for three minutes to control appetite and increase rate of metabolism.

upper_lip_702x366Acupressure below the nasal septum: Place your thumb on the are above the upper lip and just below the endpoint of the nasal septum. Apply mild and sustained pressure for three minutes to bring about regulation of gastric juices and bile.

abdomen_702x366Acupressure on abdominal wall: Place your thumb on the red spots shown in the picture. Apply mild and sustained pressure for three minutes, it helps in breathing pattern correction and aids in reduction of weight loss.

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