How To Get Over A Break-Up


Relationships have the power to turn one’s world around- sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. But when a relationship ends, oblivion strikes. Nothing seems right. The world seems like a dark and gloomy place and the worst thing that follows after a break-up is the big, inevitable question- Will I ever get over this? Take my word for this, you will and you will walk out of this stronger than you ever were before. Now comes the next question- How?

Don’t you worry child! I have got your back. Read on!

Know that it’s okay to cry: Feelings are crazy. The longer you keep them in, the worse they get. So letting go of your emotions is key and nothing serves this purpose better than crying. Lock yourself up in a room and cry out loud and I promise that you will walk out feeling a lil’ better.

Keep your distance: You need to know that the relationship ended because you two were better off without each other. You’re better off alone. Erase the numbers, delete the messages, burn the photos, dump the gifts and do not stalk your ex on Facebook or Instagram. Keep your distance!

Keep yourself busy: Remember the guy friend you stopped talking to because he didn’t like it? Or the gym membership you left halfway because she started complaining that you weren’t giving her enough time? Now that you’re single again, everything has changed. Go out there, break a leg, buy the gym shoes, chill with all your friends. It’s your life and now, you have full control over it.

Give rebound relationships a rest: Rebound relationships might seem like a good idea after a breakup but so does binge drinking alcohol. The need to depend on someone after a break up is just temporary and a rebound relationship will just leave with one more reason to be sad about.

No Romance. Yes Comedy: Take a huge box, dump all your romantic novels and DVDs in it and seal it up. Invest your precious time in a fun novel or call some friends over and laugh out loud over a Jim Carrey movie or a Russell Peters roast, after all, laughter is the best medicine.

Surround yourself with positive people: After a breakup, positivity is mandatory if you intend to keep going on with a smile and the biggest source of positivity are the people around you. Surround yourself with your family, your best friends and maybe a pet for that matter. I mean, have you ever seen anyone have a sad face while playing with a puppy?

It’s done: There will be a million scenarios in your head that might lead you into falsely believing that there is a chance of getting back together and that love will strike again. But these million imaginary scenarios are just a speck of dust compared to reality. There is no turning back time but the future is all uphill from here.

Know that there are bigger things happening daily: Alright now this is extremely important. You need to understand that your break up isn’t the end of the world. There are bigger things happening around you daily. At this every moment, somewhere a man lost his leg, a mother lost her son, a blind woman can never see the world again. Compare your break up to all this and you’ll know that you have actually lost nothing.

You will be happy again: After a breakup, you tell yourselves a million times that “You will never fall in love again” but as fate has it, you will. You will find someone who will understand you a little better, accept your flaws more openly, show a little more concern and love you a lot more. So just hold on! Heaven’s got a plan for you.

So in conclusion, breaking up with someone is really hard but getting over that certain someone is not as hard. Still not convinced? Have a chat with professional relationship counselors only on DocsApp.

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