How To Deal With A Diabetic Husband


Diabetes can be a life threatening disease. Diabetes-related complications can range from weakness, kidney failure, loss of eyesight and in some cases, death. It not only affects the patient but everyone around as well. One needs to understand that living with diabetes is quite a task and there are no hacks.

However, one thing that can make diabetes a lot easier is support; support from one’s friends, family and most importantly, one’s spouse.

That being said, sharing your life and home with a diabetic man is a full-time job. You need to make lifestyle changes, dietary alterations, little and big compromises and so on and so forth. It can get irritating, even frustrating at times but it’s something that needs to be done.

Here are some things you, as a wife, can do to support your man who is battling against diabetes.

Make your house a healthy and happy space: Diabetes comes with consequences and it is important for your husband to feel that he’s not the only one facing the consequences. Try and stop the conflicts occurring in the house, keep positive reminders in the house, etc. A healthy and happy environment will ensure a healthy and happy heart for your husband.

Educate yourself: Knowing about diabetes makes handling it a lot easier. Look up for diabetes on medical websites, attend seminars and workshops, talk to your husband’s diabetologist, etc. Learn as much as you can about diabetes because knowing what to do in times of crisis will help you and your husband stay calm and put.

Stick to a healthy dietary regime: Healthy eating is one of the key factors when it comes to dealing with diabetes. Plan meals with your husband, cook as per his eating requirements, make staying hydrated an absolute priority, don’t stock up on junk food and sweets in your kitchen and if you do, refrain from consuming them in front of your husband and if you have children at home, kindly request them to do the same. This ensures healthy eating habits not only for your husband but for your entire family.

Exercise: Be it a 20 minute morning jog or a 1-hour gym session, make physical exercise a compulsory part of your husband’s routine. To make things even better, work out together; set shared fitness goals, go for jogs together, meditate together, etc. This will help you stay fit and give you some quality couple time.

Leave room for negativity: A diabetic patient is entitled to his share of mood swings, depression, anxiety, nervousness, irritation and so on. The only way to tackle this is to be understanding, patient and supportive. If ever you feel that things are going south, take the initiative to get your husband professional help.

Talk and listen: Talk to your husband and try to understand what he needs from you. Listen to his thoughts about his condition and about the changes you are making in his life. Don’t mock his ways or try to prove him wrong; establish a common ground for both of you to stand on. If you feel like something is jeopardizing or weakening your relationship, talk it out instead of ignoring it.

Eventually, it all boils down to one thing: **commitment.** Commitment to your partner and commitment to nurturing your relationship. Diabetes is just one of the many roadblocks that come in a relationship and it’s up to you and your husband to either treat it as a dead end or a milestone. Don’t give up, stick together, be grateful for each other and appreciate the gift of mutual love because no matter how strong diabetes is, love always wins and nothing can keep you from coming out to the other side as a happier and stronger couple.

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