Hair Transplant- Yes Or No?


Hair Loss also known as alopecia or baldness is a debilitating, irreversible phenomenon. The main cause of hair loss is genetic predisposition, environmental factors, illness, medications, dietary habits, hygiene and stress. Hair loss can cause surmountable damage to our self esteem and confidence. There are different treatments available in the market for curbing hair loss. Some of them include:

Hair loss treatment with topical (over the scalp) medications, lotions and gel.

Hair loss treatment with medications for ingestion.

Hair transplantation regionally.

If all the above methods fail to produce results, dermatologists suggest global hair transplantation. Let us understand what hair transplantation actually is:

Hair transplantation: It is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the body, called the “donor site” and transplants the removed follicles on the “acceptor site.”

The two types of transplant procedures are slit grafts and micrografts. Slit grafts contain 4-10 strands of hair and follicles which are transplanted to balding region of the scalp. Micro grafts contain 1-2 strands of hair and follicles, it depends on the area of coverage.

There is always positives and negatives to any surgical procedure, read further to know the pros and cons of Hair transplant.


  • It provides long term results in male pattern baldness, hair thinning dure to hormonal fluctuations etc.

  • It is safer than medications and is economical or cost effective and less time consuming as the whole procedure takes about 4-5 hours whereas medication treatment takes couple of months.

  • It aids in natural hair growth and does not involve chemical methods of growth.

  • The results of the transplantation is in the patient’s control and he can choose how thick he wants hair growth to be

  • It looks natural and aesthetic.


  • It can cause infection.

  • The recovery time is long.

  • It involves pain while healing.

  • Before hair could re-grow there is hair loss, which is called the “shock loss”

  • Scalp scars or surgical marks are evident until hair grows.

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