Dr.Google Is Not A Real Doctor


We, 21st-century humans have found the ultimate medical hack. drumroll Dr. Google. “ I will just Google it” is the answer to all our questions because Google is convenient. Google knows everything. Google can never be wrong. Google can answer all our medical questions. If you have Google, you don’t need a doctor. Google can never be wrong. For a fact, I’m convinced that more than once, you have turned to Google for help and tried to diagnose yourself. Am I right or Am I right? And also, I’m pretty sure that you’ll do it again in the near future but before you hit the Google search bar again, here are 6 things you should you know:

Google never answers your questions: Now this might come across as something shocking, but the truth is that google never answers your questions. What google does is simply display web pages based on your specified keywords. Talking about web pages, all the content you read out there is all written by humans and humans can be wrong. (No offense, content writers) So in conclusion, Google can indeed be wrong.

You will be showered with options: Now usually this is a good thing, but not when it comes to your health. The more options you have, the more confused and paranoid you’ll get. You’ll analyze and choose the case which is the most similar to yours but chances are that you can be wrong and you don’t want to take that chance, do you?

Google can’t see your problem: Unlike a real doctor, Google can’t see, feel or understand your problem. It can just provide you with a list of similar options to choose from and then you’ll have to take it from there and unless you have a doctor’s degree hanging on your wall, you can be wrong.

False reassurance: Say you have headaches every alternate day and Google gave you a fix on how to make them go away and Voila! It worked. In your head, you’re singing laurels for Google but just keep in mind that headaches can mean a million other things and maybe Google’s temporary fix can leave you with dire consequences in the long run.

Wrong medical help: Let me be straightforward with you on this one. Seeking out medical prescriptions from Google is the worst thing one can do. Technology has pretty much replaced the majority of the things in our life but there is a reason that we still have doctors out there doing what they do best. Your health is the most important thing and one wrong medicine can make it all go downhill.

Won’t really care about you: Let’s face it! For Google, you’re a nobody. Google just has one job i.e to provide you with relevant data. Unlike a doctor, Google will never ask you about your past to find out why you are suffering from a particular medical condition, it won’t ask you to cut yourself some slack off your busy schedule and it will never understand what you’re going through inside. No matter how efficient Google is, it can never be human.

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Team Docsapp.