10 Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life


Did I use ‘spice up’ and ‘sex’ in the same sentence? Indeed I did! Now, I can be assured that I will be having 100% of your attention and you can be assured that this article won’t be a turn off. .

NOTE: If you take sex way too seriously, you are not doing it right.

Sex can be safe, saucy, sensual, sexy, steamy, special, sophisticated, sweet, satisfying, selective, secretive and then finally there comes a point when it becomes sad, and by sad we mean boring and monotonous. But a wise man had once said, “Where there is a will, there is a way” and today, I’m going to give you multiple ways to level up your sex game. You can thank me later. Let’s get started!

Focus on foreplay


Once sex becomes a part of our life, we tend to skip the foreplay part and get right down to business. This is where things start going downhill. Go back to square one. Build up the sexual tension in the room by slowing down the process of foreplay. This is where games like Strip Jenga, Dirty Dare and Strip Poker ‘fit right in.’

Shower sex


Okay, so this might not work for you if you are an environmentalist but then again, on the flipside, you are saving gallons of water by bathing together. And trust me when I say this, water is really underappreciated when it comes to sex. Don’t believe me? Try having shower sex and if not that, include a couple of ice cubes in your sexual act and you will be ‘wet’ in no time.

An occasional quickie


Remember back in school, how you were always afraid that some teacher will catch you but you bunked classes anyway? That’s because fear and secrecy is what drives us. While the bedroom is a totally acceptable and safe option, a change of place can do wonders to your sex life. Keep this in mind the next time you and your lover get invited to your best friend’s house for dinner.

Naked Sundays

The only thing beats chilling on your sofa on a Sunday afternoon is chilling naked on your sofa with your lover on a Sunday afternoon. After staring at your laptop, paperwork, and colleagues all week long, this is an absolute treat to the eyes and just you know, on a naked Sunday, doing it just once is never enough.

Go out of the way


If your partner does not question your sexual fantasies, then you need to step up your game. Experimentation plays a vital role in sex and once in a while, your partner deserves to experience the joy of living their fantasy. Don’t hesitate to try out weird stuff. The walls might have ears but they can’t see anything you do. Go all out!

Mirror sex


Mirror mirror on the wall, what’s the best sex of ’em all? Mirror sex! We live in a world of virtual reality and nothing serves the purpose better than a mirror. Now this might sound stupid as hell but once you get the hang of it, it’s absolute bliss. It like watching porn where you are the star and you are the viewer. That doesn’t happen every day.

Spice up the desserts


Chocolate syrup flowing down her waist, ice cream melting on his neck, eating cake off her lips and licking mousse off his arms. Now that I have painted a picture for you, I don’t think words will help here! Get rid of the dessert bowls and spoons and in no time, ice- cream will turn into ‘I- Scream.’

Sexy Lingerie


She came with sexy lingerie. He saw. Then she conquered! This one is for all the ladies out there! When all else fails, wear a sexy lingerie. It never goes out of style and men literally place it next to watching sports. Choose his favorite color, give him a small peep show and no time your lingerie will be lying on the floor.

Make her breakfast in bed


This one is for all the guys out there! I’m sure that we are on the same page when I say that sex is amazing but nothing amazing comes easy. Put in some hard work and make her breakfast in bed, genuinely compliment her and trust me, the bed won’t be used for breakfast after that. There’s a little bonus here: Morning sex!

Say YES to PDA

Not everyone is a fan of PDA, but once-in-a- while PDA is essential to show your lover that you are proud to be their second half. Sing a song, get her flowers, dance with him, re-confess your love right in the middle of an Italian restaurant and so on. This might not necessarily spice up your sex life but it will surely make it sweeter.

*Enough with the reading. Turn off your device right now and spice up your sex life with these tried and tested ways. Remember what Nike taught us, “Just Do It!” *

Have some tricks down your sleeve that you might want to share with us? Post in the comments section below.

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