7 Tips To Help You To Stop Procrastinating


First of all, I’m not quite sure why you are here. It can be one of two reasons: One, this is just another way of procrastinating from something you actually NEED to do and after this you will just move on to the next article or jump to an unimportant task OR two, you actually need help to stop procrastinating and you will follow the steps listed below as soon as you’re done reading this article

With all honesty, if you’re here for reason 1, please close this tab and head back to the task at hand but if you’re here for reason 2, read on:

(I hope you are not lying about your reason) Let’s get started:

Less thinking and more doing: Too much of thinking gets too little done. If you need to start doing something, stop thinking about it and start. Getting it done in your mind doesn’t count as actually doing it. The more you think about something before actually initiating it, the worse it gets in your head and then you start to dig out reasons for procrastination.

**If you need to hit the gym, pack your gym bag, change into your gm clothes, put on your shoes and leave the house. Everything else will follow. **

Finish it for good: Life would have been way easier if your tasks were limited to one per day but unfortunately, it is not. On average, we do at least 50 tasks (big and small) in a day. Not starting a task is bad, but leaving a task halfway is worse. Once you undertake a task, finish it completely. Inevitably, your mind will wander reminding you of tasks like “Just check your mail” or “You need to watch that new Ed Sheeran video, It’s just 3 minutes” and all of that. Don’t fall for it.

**If you are writing an essay on Google Docs, switch windows only when the essay is complete. The only breaks allowed here are bathroom breaks. **

Break your big tasks: You cannot get a task like learning how to play the keyboard done in a day. In such cases, instead of worrying about how much time and effort you will need to invest in the task, set small achievable tasks. Take down your tasks one at a time, reward yourself with a break and get back to the next installment of the task. Don’t worry about the total number of steps and just take the first step. I’m pretty sure that’s what Sir Edmund Percival “Ed” Hillary (first man to climb the Mount Everest.) did.

If you plan on learning the keyboard, set small goals like ‘I will learn how to play the  basic traids.’

Keep track and set deadlines: Constantly reminding yourself about your achievements pulls you away from procrastination. Keep track of your tasks with a to-do list, set a start time and end time for each task and once completed, check out the task from your list. Come up with a consequence that you will have to face if you do not complete the task under the given deadline and stick to your word.

If you have your exam on Monday, you might procrastinate for the entire week but on Sunday, you will study because you know that you have a deadline to adhere to and the consequence of not studying will be failing.

Let people know: Sometimes embarrassment can be the biggest reason not to procrastinate. After you have set a goal and a deadline, tell your friend circle or your parents about it. From time to time, ask them to keep asking you how much you are done with. Not being able to do something sucks, but not being able to keep your word in front of people who matter to you is simply horrifying.

If you plan on learning French, tell your friends that, “In the next 6 months, I will be replying to your questions in French.”

Focus on the outcome: If you procrastinate, you will never make it to your end goal and if you don’t make it to the end goal. what’s the whole point of even thinking about doing it? Every task has an outcome and arriving at that outcome gives you immense joy and pride. Let your end result motivate you and keep you from procrastinating.

Eg: If you’re a freelance content writer and get paid per article, focus on the fact that if you successfully upload a good blog tonight, you’ll have Rs.500/- added to your account by tomorrow.

Knock yourself out during your breaks: Procrastination is inevitable and that is why this step is important. When you’re working and feel like watching a Youtube video or looking up for the answer to something you’re curious about, hold that thought. Once you finish your task, take a break and go all out. Procrastinate with all that you have got.  

**If you need 10 minutes to watch a video and google up a solution, take a half hour break and use the remaining 20 minutes to simply procrastinate. Surf Facebook, upload a funny meme on Instagram or watch a sleeping panda compilation on Youtube. Anything. But once your 30 minutes are done, keep procrastination on hold until your next break. **

Now that your reason of being here is completed, get back to the task you need to finish off. Remember, finish your task and procrastinate like a pro in the break that follows.

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**Team DocsApp. **