Foreskin Issues and treatment


A foreskin is the retractable covering at the tip of the male reproductive organ the Penis. It is medically termed as Phimosis.
Most men are able to retract their foreskin at the age of 10-19. If you are unable to retract your foreskin by then, it is a cause of concern.

The common clinical signs and symptoms of unretractable foreskin is as follows:

  • Redness
  • Soreness
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Lack of sensation

It may also cause thick retention of semen in the foreskin which leads to infections. This condition is known as Balanoposthitis.

Paraphimosis occurs when the foreskin cannot be returned to its normal anatomical position. More like it is stuck. This calls for an immediate medical attention as the stuck part of the foreskin might not receive blood supply causing gangrene. This condition can cause painful swelling of the penis and decreased blood flow.

Most cases of tight foreskin do not necessarily need surgical intervention.
The tight foreskin can be released with 0.5% Dexamethasone which is a corticosteroid. It can be applied topically(superficially on the skin) and released.
Other methods are consistent self stretching of the foreskin when the penis is flaccid. This can marginally release the tight foreskin.
If all measures fail, well. There is always surgically releasing of foreskin.It is a small procedure and the recovery period is 2-5 days.

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