Facts about Male and Female Masturbation and its Side Effects


Are you wondering “Masturbation side Effects? Seriously?”
I mean, if we sneeze or cough, does it affect our body? Isn’t it a natural process?

Everyone around us generally thinks Masturbation is a natural process. Perfect! No doubt, it is! One or two sneezes are perfectly fine, but if we get more than that, we must explore the reason behind it. Same way excessive masturbation also has some effects on our bodies.
When it comes to sex-related issues, we generally enter a secret zone. Keep mum about things and accept everything as it is, without consulting anyone. The fact is sex issues need equal attention for leading a healthy life.
Keep reading to know about, how masturbation can affect your health.

Is it a normal thing?

From a medical point of view, yes it is a perfectly normal thing to masturbate. Forget all the myths that masturbation can cause you to go infertile or you may grow hair on your palm. None of them are true!

It’s a natural way of releasing built-up sexual tension. Moreover, it is a safe way to feel pleasure. It occurs in people of all backgrounds, races and genders.

Masturbation and Guilt

Some people carry a guilt for masturbating. Some religious, spiritual, or cultural beliefs tell them, that self-pleasure is dirty or immoral. If you feel the same, talk to someone and try to move past this guilt. There are sex therapists who can guide you regarding the same.

How does it affect your health?

Let me tell you some medical facts in general language.

Everybody needs a fixed reserve of nutrients, hormones, and neurochemicals that maintain their sexual power to a normal level. Masturbation reduces the amount of these reserves. Men who over-masturbate do not allow the body to regain the hormones and neurochemicals necessary for sex. As an effect, your body shows some symptoms.

Hair Loss:

Masturbation leads to the ejection of seminal fluid, which leads to protein deficiency responsible for hair growth. Also, the testosterone gets converted to DTH which inhibits hair loss

Fatigue or Pain:

This is the most common side effect of over-masturbation. A person may feel tired and exhausted during the day. You may find it difficult to carry out your everyday activities. Due to the loss of some neurochemicals, you may also experience pain in different parts of your body.


Excess masturbation can hurt your mental health as well. It can weaken your concentration and memory leaving you anxious and disturbed.

Blurry Vision:

A person struggling with excess masturbation tends to face hormonal imbalances in their body. This imbalance can lead to a blurry or fuzzy vision.

Premature Ejaculation:

When a person is masturbating excessively, he loses control over ejaculation. This can lead to premature ejaculation and a dissatisfied partner.

Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile Dysfunction is a serious problem in men. There are many reasons behind this problem; one of them is over-masturbation. Excess masturbation weakens the penis, which leads to a weak erection.


Masturbation is a completely natural, healthy, and safe process to experience self-pleasure. Excess Masturbation can leave some side effects. Over time, it becomes an addiction. Along with the above-mentioned physical issues, one may experience some emotional trauma resulting in a negative sex life.

If you experience any of the above symptoms, it’s time to quit! Regain control of your health. Discipline your mind and search for help. If you need professional help, consult a Sexologist now.


How can one distinguish between healthy and excessive masturbation habits?

Distinguishing between healthy and excessive masturbation habits involves considering frequency, impact on daily life, and any associated physical or emotional distress.

Are the physical side effects of excessive masturbation reversible with lifestyle changes or medical intervention?

While some physical side effects of excessive masturbation may be reversible with lifestyle changes like reducing frequency and improving overall health, irreversible damage may occur in severe cases.

What self-help strategies or resources are available for individuals struggling with excessive masturbation before seeking professional help?

Self-help strategies for managing excessive masturbation include setting boundaries, practicing stress-reduction techniques, seeking support from trusted individuals, and utilizing online resources and support groups focused on sexual health and addiction management.