Dry and Cracked heels - Causes and Treatment


Have you ever wondered why only we women get cracked heels and not the men? Why healing the heels is so difficult? This is kind of disgusting and disturbing.
But all you women out there, no need to feel that….men can also have cracked heels! Mostly as a normal dress code, men wear socks and shoes that is why they don’t experience this problem as severely as we do. According to a study, women are 50% more likely to report this problem than men are.
The biological fact says we don’t have oil glands in our heels. We need to moisturise them externally. Cracked heels are a common foot condition. It can cause discomfort and even pain in some cases.
In some cases, the cracks are deep and painful. If you experience bleeding, soreness, swelling or severe pain, you must see a doctor.
In this article, we are going to discuss some steps that can be taken to treat cracked heels.

When the soft skin on the heels becomes too dry, it split open, forming painful cracks on your heels. Those cracks not only damage your feet’s look but also can lead to serious infections.
Severely dry feet can cause deep cracks, which can become sore and may sometimes bleed.
Here is a list of reasons for having cracked feet
Not drinking enough water
Scrubbing dry feet
Not moisturising feet regularly
Taking hot showers or baths
Winter season
Using harsh soap
Vitamin deficiency
Fungal infection
Walking barefoot or with open back sandals
Standing for longer hours

Your footwear plays an important role here. Whenever possible try to cover your heels with shoe or socks.
Open back sandals
Barefoot walk
Here are some more things that you must do to avoid cracked heels
Remove the dead skin on your heels by rubbing against pumice stone, after every bath, Make sure your heels are moist enough before scrubbing
Moisturise your feet with slather or thick cream every night
Wear closed shoes of perfect size
If you have any medical problem that causes dry skin treat them
Inspect your feet on daily basis
Drink plenty of fluids during the day
There are moisturizing heel sleeves available that can treat your dry skin
In case if you have any medical issues like diabetes or neuropathy then see a doctor. Podiatrist (foot doctor) can treat the cracks, caused by medical conditions. Especially when the cracks are bleeding or sore, you must consult proper medical personnel.

In most of the cases, proper cleaning and moisturising will work magic. Sometimes changing your footwear can also give you relief from cracked heels.
However, if the cracks are painful, sore and bleeding, it’s advisable to consult a dermatologist.