Do You Know These Facts About The Male Reproductive Organ?


A lot of us assume that we know everything there is to know about the male reproductive system. Well, it is an exit gateway for urine and semen, it produces semen which contains sperms and so on the facts continue. Keeping the gneral facts aside, we bet you will be surprised to read the following facts about the male reproductive system.

Read on for some fun facts about the male reproductive organ:

Testicle does not produce semen: It is the prostate that produces semen and the testicles is only the storing space for semen. When an individual loses his prostate he permanently loses his ability to ejaculate.

Orgasm is attained not only by the penis: Recent studies have suggested that men can attain orgasm even without involving an erect penis. The sensations of sexual climaxing involves the penis and the peritoneum(area between the testicles and the anal region) in a man. Sustained pressure during climaxing in the peritoneal area has shown results of prolonged orgasm.

The prostate can store only limited amount of semen: There is a limit to how much semen your prostate can store. After 4 days without ejaculation, the prostate begins to resorb the semen.

It is the technique over the size: An average Indian has a penis size of about 4.8 inches. Indians have the second smallest penis in the world. Yet, look at our population. The right technique and foreplay makes sexual intercourse pleasurable.
The testicles are not the same size: Both your testicles or the scrotum are not the same size. Usually one is smaller than the other. Mostly the left is smaller than the right.

Blue Balls is actually true: Some individuals experience severe pain in their scrotum if they get aroused after a long period. It is caused due to temporary fluid congestion and vasocongestion in the scrotum which is accompanied by pain.

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