Do Online Therapy Sessions Work In India?


For most of us, the terms therapy and online do not go hand in hand. We tend to believe that it is not possible to open up to someone unless we have that sense of physical proximity. If you think about it, Bollywood movies can be blamed for this. We have this pre-conceived perception of a therapy session that we cannot imagine doing it any other way. The other ways, ideally, include online and over-the-call therapy sessions but the big question is "Do these ways work?"

There is substantial research that validates the fact the online therapy session is as effective and fruitful as face-to-face consultation. According to a 2017 study of 1000 therapy sessions, 66% preferred a video-based online therapy session while 19% preferred a telephone consultation. The remaining 15% preferred a face to face therapy session.

Listed below are reasons why online therapy sessions work in India:

  • India is a country with a massive population where healthcare is not easily available to everyone. Online therapy sessions make taking mental health measures more easy, accessible and convenient.

  • Online sessions are any day cheaper compared to a face-to-face therapy session. A therapy session with a certified specialist will likely charge 3 times more than an online consultation with a certified specialist.

  • They also rule out the fear of confrontation. People suffering from depression and anxiety tend to feel that they will be judged for what they say and are always on the lookout for an expression of disgust on their therapist’s face. Online/call consultations eliminate that fear as there is no face-to-face confrontation.

  • Most online therapists are available for extended hours as compared to a therapist at a hospital/facility. In addition to that, there are no fixed timings to see an online therapist. The timings are flexible and therapists are available on a short prior notice and it also eliminates unnecessary wastage of commuting time and transportation costs.

  • However, it is ideal that you do your share of research before starting your online therapy sessions. Ensure that you have complete knowledge about the credibility of the website you’re choosing to have your therapy sessions on and also ensure that you know the background of your therapist properly.

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