Bollywood Celebrities Who Kicked Their Smoking Addiction Away!


Smoking** kills’ but every smoker knows that smoking is not an easy habit to kill. **

From the outside, the life of Bollywood celebrities is all about comfort and leisure but they too have their share of hardships and struggles. Behind all the lights and cameras, there were some celebrities who enjoyed the pleasure of smoking a cigarette. However, with time they were all able to see that smoking sucked the life out of them and the people around them and that’s when they let go of that foggy road for good. Here’s a list of Bollywood celebrities who gave up smoking and never looked back since then.

Hrithik Roshan:

With many failed attempts, giving up smoking seemed like a lost cause for Hrithik Roshan but being Hrithik Roshan does not come with the option of ‘giving up’. Finally, it was Allen Carr’s book ‘Easy Way to Stop Smoking’ which gave him a permanent out. The day he read the last page of the book was the day he smoked his last cigarette. What a ‘Kaabil’ actor!

Salman Khan:

The most feared actor of Bollywood feared for his life when he had to undergo a nerve disorder treatment back in 2013. After that, doctors advised him to give up the habit for the sake of his health and his family and he did ‘Kick’ away the butt for good.

Aamir Khan:

Aamir Khan has had his ‘Dangal’ with smoking addiction. He went down from being a regular smoker to an occasional smoker after being constantly nagged by his kids, Junaid and Ira. Finally, with the birth of his son Azad in 2011, he gave up the habit for good.

Saif Ali Khan:

The Nawab of Bollywood learned things the hard way. He had his ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ moment after suffering from a heart attack in 2009 due to his smoking habit. Since then he has given up drinking and smoking completely and now with the birth of his baby boy Taimur, he has no intentions of going back.

Arjun Rampal:

Arjun Rampal was into the habit of smoking since his college days but being a father changed it all. He quit the habit for his children. His wife Mehr quit smoking as well and Hrithik passed on Allen Carr’s ‘Easy Way to Stop Smoking’ to get him to successfully quit smoking. That’s Rock On!

Ajay Devgn:

‘Once Upon A Time’ Ajay Devgn was a self-confessed chain smoker. After Kajol’s dad died from a heart attack, she has been completely against smoking and kept pestering him about his habit. Finally, when his body gave into severe illness, he let go of smoking for the sake of his health and his family.

Vivek Oberoi:

Much like his character Maya from ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’, Vivek Oberoi always had a cigarette in between his fingers. But everything changed when he witnessed the plight of cancer patients in a Mumbai Hospital. He not only quit smoking but is against anyone who smokes on the movie sets. Also, he is the ambassador of the World Health Organisation’s anti-smoking movement.

Ranbir Kapoor:

Ranbir Kapoor was heavily addicted to smoking and that came in the way of his shoots. After accepting a friendly challenge from Anurag Basu to resist smoking, Ranbir witnessed how ‘not smoking’ did wonders for him as an and as a footballer. Like a ‘Rockstar’ he took up the challenge of not smoking for life and he has in fact, has openly declared that anyone who sees him smoking can kill him, burn him and call him fake.

We always look up to celebrities when it comes to their hairstyles, fashion trends, latest gadgets and so on. For a change, let us take some motivation from Bollywood celebrities who have given up smoking to lead a healthy life and light up the faces of their families and people around them.

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