A Proper Dump- 7 Ways To Achieve It!


Shit happens! Well, sometimes it doesn’t. You think that nature’s calling and you rush to the toilet seat only to find out that it was a missed call. Well, sometimes it’s fine but when it starts to happen all the time, that’s when you know that shit’s going down.

Now you might think to yourself that your dump is your problem and no one probably cares. But we do! We give a shit about your shit and that’s why we are here with 7 ways for you to have a proper and fruitful dumping session.

Let’s get started:

Have enough fiber: One of the most common reasons for constipation is low fiber content in the body. The best thing to do here is to dump the junk food (low fiber content) and switch to 4-5 servings/day of fruits and veggies to raise up the fiber content. Moral: Raise up the fiber to ease things down there.

Don’t stress yourself: The more you stress yourself, the lesser you’ll dump. That’s because one’s body is extremely sensitive to stress and therefore, stress causes multiple changes in our body, especially in the digestive system. The takeaway here is, ‘Ease out and let it all out.’

Hydrate yourself: Gina Sam, M.D., M.P.H., Director of the Mount Sinai Gastrointestinal Motility Center says that, "You basically need water in order for your stool to move through the colon.” That being said, if your constipation is giving you a hard time, drink water and then, drink some more water.

Keep moving: Sitting in one position for long hours can come in the way of your bowel movements leading to constipation. Therefore, indulge in physical activity to regulate your bowel movements which will, in turn, regulate your daily dumps.

Check for medical conditions: In some cases, constipation is the consequence of certain digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, etc. If there is persistent constipation accompanied by pain, it is ideal to get yourself checked by a gastroenterologist.

Cut down on supplements: Sometimes, the high iron and calcium content in fitness supplements can come in the way of your bowel movements. In such a case, you can either cut down on supplements or regulate your dietary plan by adding more portions of fiber, vegetables and plenty of water.

Just let it go: Holding your excreta in is the worst thing you can probably do to your intestines. If you really have to take a dump, just find the closest restroom and do it. Your body will thank you by rewarding you with regular and timely dumps.

So here it is! 7 ways to get your shit together!

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