9 Bollywood Celebrities and their Weight Loss Transformations


While we celebrate Christmas in the month of December, gyms celebrate Christmas in the month of January. It’s the month of abundance for them because a new year always brings in a new resolution and without a doubt, fitness always tops the list of new year resolutions. You have enrolled yourself at a massive discount, your wardrobe now has a separate ‘Workout clothes’ section and your Reebok shoes are waiting to run with you. Now all that’s left is for you to get inspired and get going. It’s the third week of January 2017 and if you haven’t still received your dose of inspiration or you need an additional dose of motivation, you are exactly where you need to be.

Here for you is a list of celebrities that used to pack a lot of weight back in the days, but they shed it all off just to show the world what they are made of.

**Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: **


Well, there are moms and then there’s Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She made heads turn when she came back in the spotlight with her inevitable post-pregnancy weight but then she made heads turn again when she amazed everyone with her to die for body in Ae Dil Hain Mushkil. Now she might look like an angel but there was no magic involved her weight loss. It was sheer hard work and a disciplined lifestyle.

Alia Bhatt:


Alia Bhatt is an inspiration to millions of young girls for her beauty and her well- toned figure. Though Alia was born beautiful, she had to attain the latter the hard way. Before she got her big break in Bollywood, Karan Johar made it really clear to her that he would consider her for the lead role only if she sheds “20 kgs in the next six months.” With her dream of becoming an actress and massive chunks of hard work, she made the screen melt when she played the role of the hot and classy Shanaya Singhania in Student of the Year.

Kareena Kapoor:


Zero is the last thing anyone wants to be but Kareena Kapoor made being ‘size zero’ the ‘talk of the town’. Everyone wanted to know how a fat and chubby Punjabi girl transformed to an absolute diva. Numerous assumptions were made but like every other motivating story, it was nothing but dedication, perseverance, and tons and tons of hard work.

Sonam Kapoor:


They say that if you have a good body, you can pull off whatever you wear and Sonam Kapoor is a living proof to this statement. However, she once weighed 86 kilos and it took her almost two years to shed all her fat and become the sexy fashionista she is today. Sonam Kapoor revealed, “I did three hours of yoga every day and followed a strict diet.”

Sonakshi Sinha:


You can either be fat or you can debut in Bollywood opposite the one and only Salman Khan. With her eyes on the prize, a proper diet, and vigorous exercise, she went from 90 kgs to 60 kgs and stole all our hearts as the perfect wife in Dabangg and continues to steal it over and over again with her fitness mantras.

Parineeti Chopra:


Time and time again, Parineeti Chopra was mocked by the media and made headlines for ‘being on the heavier side’. Finally, she decided to shut everyone up once and for all and when she returned with her ‘to die for’ body, not only did she shut everyone up, she left everyone speechless. She proved that ‘miracle’ is just a synonym for ‘hard work.’

Adnan Sami:


Adnan Sami’s tragic weight loss can very conveniently be declared as the eighth wonder of the world. There was a time when Adnan Sami was obese and led a very unhealthy life. He could not see his own knuckles and that’s when he left, with 230 kilos on him and came back after a year with just 75 kilos. The world was amazed at his transformation. Surgery? No, hard work.

Arjun Kapoor:


Arjun Kapoor, the handsome heartthrob of Bollywood once weighed 140 kilos and couldn’t fit into airplane seats. But once he made up his mind about losing weight, there was no turning back. He trained day and night with Salman Khan and often gives him credit for the body he has today. Arjun once said in an interview, “I traveled with Salman Khan. We worked out together, and he kept a strict vigil on what I was eating. That man knows no pain. He psyched me into becoming a machine that didn’t do anything but lose weight. His dedication, discipline in life rubbed on me, and whatever I am today, I am like this only because of him.”

Aamir Khan:


Aamir Khan has the ‘perfectionist’ tag for a reason. Unlike everybody else on this list, Aamir Khan deliberately gained 25 kilos for his movie Dangal and shed it all off within 5 months with a hardcore diet and rigorous workout schedule only to show the world that everything is possible if you set your mind to it.
You can watch Aamir Khan’s transformation journey here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aVw1gZ9Ncg

We hope we have provided you with all the inspiration you need and now it’s your turn to put in the hard work and do justice to your 2017 resolution. What are you waiting for? You got this!

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