8 Popular Sex Myths And Their Real Facts


Have you ever come across a myth about sex and believed it was real? Something like "A bigger penis is better", or "Masturbation is unhealthy"? Well, these are quite common to come by, especially in the younger age groups. But these are myths and are not true at all! There are so many sex myths that teenagers and young adults hear while they are in school and college and believe them to be facts without questioning further since 'sex' is a taboo topic in our country. Let's debunk some of the common sex myths right here!

If your Hymen is broken, you are not a virgin

'Losing your virginity' or 'popping the cherry' are terms that have often been associated with tearing the hymen the first time a woman has sex. It has been believed that a woman with a torn hymen is not a virgin. However, this is a myth. The hymen is a thin membrane that covers the opening of the vagina, however, not entirely. In women, it is of different shapes and sizes and sometimes only partially covers the vagina. Many women are not born with a hymen at all.

Virginity is lost only after vaginal Sex

Virginity has always been associated with the 'first time' a heterosexual woman has vaginal sex. People believe that performing other forms of sex do not count as losing their virginity. However, today we have people from different sexual orientations, and this has given the term 'virginity’ a new meaning.

You can't get pregnant while on your period

Almost most women may have heard this myth and believed that they would not get pregnant while menstruating. However, this is not entirely true. This myth might be dangerous if a woman accidentally conceives. While for a large part, it is slightly improbably to get pregnant while a woman is menstruating, but this does not eliminate the chances of pregnancy.

Masturbation is unhealthy

It is highly likely that you have come across this myth. There are a lot of myths around masturbation, with this one being the most popular. People believe that masturbation leads to blindness, hair loss, infections, mental health problems and erectile dysfunction in both men and women. However, this is incorrect, masturbation is healthy and has a long list of benefits such as it helps release stress, eases menstrual cramps and most importantly, it helps the individual understand his/her body and sexual desires, which is essential for a fulfilling sex life.

Frequent sex can can loosen the vagina

The woman's vagina is a muscle that contracts and relaxes, just like the other muscles in the body. When the woman is scared, nervous or anxious, her vagina contracts whereas, when she is aroused, her vagina relaxes and enlarges to allow the penis to enter. The 'number of times' the woman has sex has nothing to do with 'tightness' or 'looseness' of her vagina.

You can't get her pregnant if you pull out

Many young people, including teenagers, believe that they cannot get pregnant if the penis is pulled out before orgasm. This is a myth that needs to be debunked at the earliest to avoid teenage pregnancies and unwanted ones too. The penis always has some amount of pre-cum that contains sperms and can get a woman pregnant, even if it is pulled out in time.

If you pee right after sex, you cannot get pregnant

Many people believe that peeing right after sex can kill sperms and prevent pregnancy. However, this is as true as the fact that we humans can fly without wings. The reason for this is that, the urethra through which urine passes, and the entrance to the uterus where the penis deposits the sperm are two different regions. Passing urine does not kill sperms, and a woman can still get pregnant even if she urinates right after having sex.

First time sex is painful

You often hear girls discussing this before their first time. It is not a general rule that sex must hurt the first time. It is a subjective feeling, and people experience different levels of pain and discomfort. So, believing someone saying 'sex is painful' need not always be right for you. One main reason for pain during sex is nervousness that the two individuals in the act feel causing the woman's vagina to contract more and cause pain during the insertion of the penis.

When it comes to sex myths, it is best to consult with your doctor. If you have more queries, consult with our panel of sexologists and gynecologists.

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