6 Ways To Keep Your Child Healthy


Children beginning from infants to adolescents can fall sick due to several reasons, be it internal or external. The parents usually must ensure that they consume a healthy diet and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle to grow into perfectly healthy adults. Parents can do this by following some simple home remedies as well as regular consultation with physicians if necessary.

However, most important of all is to ensure that children learn how to keep themselves healthy to become more independent in future. There are different responses for different types of health and wellness problems being face by children and these further differ based on the age group of the child. This article brings you some of the most common ways to keep your child healthy.

  • Follow a Proper Inoculation Routine

This is by far the first and most important step for parents to ensure that their child stays healthy. Vaccinations or inoculations begin for children from their infant years and pediatricians provide parents with a date sheet for all the routine and timely vaccinations that their child needs to be administered. It is of grave importance that parents strictly follow this vaccination schedule to ensure that their child does not contract serious illnesses in their early years.

  • Ensure a Proper Sleep Cycle

Infants need about 10 to 12 hours of sleep and this duration gradually reduces as they grow older. Most physicians and pediatricians suggest that toddlers should get 8 to 10 hours of sleep while older children and younger teens can do with 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Maintaining regular hours of sleep and well-rounded sleep cycles ensure that the metabolism and mood of children are maintained. Moreover, putting too much strain on the eyes through a mobile phone or television can prove counterproductive to calming children down for sleep.

  • Feed Them a Healthy Diet

Everyone is well-aware of the benefits of a healthy diet and it is even more true for growing children. Children need to be taught to eat healthy at an early age so that they do not develop unhealthy eating habits that may result in more serious health complications like diabetes, obesity, etc. in the latter part of their lives. Children must not associate healthy eating with something that is being enforced upon them. The parents must ensure that eating healthy becomes fun for children so that they can develop a strong immune system and keep illnesses away.

  • Provide Ample Opportunity for Physical Exercise

Nowadays parents often do not have enough time to indulge in physical activity with their children but this has resulted in reduced opportunity for physical activity and exercise for growing children. This can lead to a lethargic lifestyle for children as well a deterred physical development. Moreover, less amount of exposure to the sun can cause a deficiency in Vitamin D for growing children. Therefore, parents must pay attention to the level of physical exercise that their children are getting as this can be a major cause of concern in many cases.

  • Teach Children the Importance of Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is something that must be cultivated in children from the early infant years. parents can take the help of specialized children’s toothpaste that makes brushing teeth a fun activity for children. Once you teach your child to maintain oral hygiene independently, you can rest assured that dental health problems will no longer be a major issue for your child’s health.

  • Focus on Mental and Not Just Physical Health

Last but not the least, keeping your child healthy is not only about their physical well-being but mental and emotional as well. Children often display signs of stress and anxiety due to several reasons. Parents should educate themselves about these signals and keep a close eye on their children to seek the help of a specialist when needed. Even so, parents should also not refrain from hailing the services of a licensed pediatrician about other physical health issues of their children. The E-consultancy services of MediBuddy allow parents to do just that.


Therefore, keeping these 6 pointers in mind, parents can work towards keeping their children healthy and ensuring that they have a safe and secure environment and habits that allow their comprehensive growth into independent, healthy, and responsible adults.