6 reasons to start having ‘Kadha’ drink


‘Kadha’ is an Ayurvedic concoction which has been popular in India throughout generations. The herbal tea is prepared with a blend of spices and herbs, brewed in water to extract their nutrients. ‘Kadha’ is understood to be a great immunity booster which is consumed to stay protected against the chance of getting affected by diseases which can be easily contracted. Especially in the period of the covid pandemic, ‘kadha’ has gained a massive popularity as stronger immunity is on most people’s agenda. The herbal drink ‘kadha’ has numerous benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should definitely start having this effective herbal tea:

Rich source of immunity boosters

‘Kadha’ is a natural drink which can be easily prepared at your home. The herbs and spices which are used to concoct ‘kadha’, aid in boosting the defense mechanism of the body to counter the chances of ailments. An immunity booster like ‘kadha’ can naturally build the defensive mechanism of the body and strengthen it against diseases like common flu and cold.

Great relief for cough and cold

Cough and cold is a common ailment and ‘kadha’ is a great natural remedy to counter the effects of this ailment. The hot drink counters the soreness of the throat caused by coughing and herbs like tulsi, along with honey provide major relief. ‘Kadha’ can be consumed daily in order to keep cough and cold at bay or when faced with the sickness. The drink rejuvenates the body and counters symptoms like fever, runny nose and cough.

Digestive aid

Digestive health majorly determines the health of a person. A smoothly functioning digestive system already lowers chances of contracting a disease and keeps the body in its optimal state. ‘Kadha’ is a drink which aids and maintains the digestive system in the body. ‘Kadha’ is beneficial for people suffering from indigestion or bloating. The spices in ‘Kadha’ like fennel and carom seeds help in countering flatulence, indigestion, constipation and gastric irritation.

Antioxidant properties

‘Kadha’ contains naturally bioactive antioxidants like phenolic acids, alkaloids, terpenoids and saponins. These components help in detoxifying the body and also help in strengthening the immunity system. Antioxidants in ‘kadha’ also help in making the skin and hair healthier.

Anti-inflammatory properties

‘Kadha’ is a herbal concoction which can include herbs and spices like turmeric,
‘ashwagandha’, ginger, gooseberry, cloves, ‘tulsi’ and cardamom among others. These herbs and spices have amazing anti-inflammatory properties. ‘Kadha’ can be a natural analgesic and help relieve inflammation in the body without the use of allopathic medicines. ‘Kadha’ can help alleviate inflammation caused due to reasons like fever, arthritis and injuries, to name a few.

Stress relieving properties

General wellbeing of the body not only depends on eating healthy, but also depends on keeping a composed and stress free mind. Stress has been related to a number of ailments like depression and anxiety. ‘Kadha’ is a great drink which has stress busting properties and helps you relieve the tension in your body. ‘Kadha’ can help lower symptoms which are associated with anxiety or depression.

The recipe for ‘kadha’ is a household treasure, a remedy which has been passed down for generations. This herbal drink is a natural immunity booster and keeps the body in great shape. ‘Kadha’ is a great supplement or alternative to prescribed medication to fight against ailments like common cold, indigestion and inflammation. The antioxidant properties of ‘kadha’ makes it a drink which should be definitely added to your daily diet. Test and try different ‘kadha’ recipes and enjoy the benefits of this amazing herbal concoction!