5 reasons why you should avoid self-medication


Dr. Mallikarjun
Dr. Mallikarjun
MD General Medicine5 reasons why you should avoid self-medication

It is often easier to avoid visiting doctors because of the inconvenience caused by appointments, travel time, and the wait at doctor’s office. It is more convenient to go forover-the-counter (OTC) medication to relieve the symptoms of an illness. Unfortunately, there are dire consequences associated with self-medication.

It is always best to consult a doctor about your symptoms and physical ailments. Popping pills without a doctor’s prescription, even if the ailment is insignificant, could have serious effects on your health.

We often self-medicate for everyday ailments like fever, cold, cough and headache, without even bothering to consult a doctor. This can eventually lead to major and irreparable complications. Many potent drugs such as painkillers, cough medication, anti-allergics, laxatives, and antibiotics are sold over the counter. Self-medication withOTC drugs can lead to complications such as:


A minor health problem which could be cured easily with the doctor’s help may become a major issue over time. Symptoms may subside temporarily with self-medication, but it might not help treat the underlying condition, leading to intensification.


You could become addicted to OTC drugs, especially cough syrups and pain relievers.This habit can irreversible damage to vital organs, eventually leading to even death in some cases.

Allergic reactions:

Antibiotics such as penicillins and cephalosporins can cause adverse reactions if taken without performing penicillin tolerance test. These allergic reactions can sometimes cause immediate death.

Dosage problem:

Insufficient dosage of medicines will not cure the ailment but will only lengthen recovery period. On the other hand, over-dosage may damage liver, kidneys and other vital organs. Indiscriminate use of antibiotics can lead to antimicrobial resistance. Consequently, the antibiotic may be rendered useless when taken in the future.

Drug interactions:

Some herbal drugs and medicines may cause Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR)Self-medication by pregnant women could adversely affect the unborn child, causing birth defects.

A certified doctor is trained to diagnose the ailment and provide appropriate medication to treat a condition after proper diagnosis. Let the doctor determine the cause and a treatment plan that is appropriate for you.

Be smart, Don’t self-medicate!

Now there is a more convenient way to keep yourself from the dangers of self medication. You can consult expert doctors on your phone in the comfort of your home,without any hassles of going to a clinic in person. Download DocsApp, a health app which has made consulting doctors easier. No appointment, no travel, and no need to wait for doctors to get treated.