10 Things You Should Know About Your Newborn Baby


9 months have passed since you have been carrying your precious baby in your womb and now finally, it’s out in the world and there’s no other gift that could make you any happier. However, this teeny tiny gift comes with a lot of surprises. From the moment you hold your newborn baby in your arms, your life begins to change, not just in the “Aww, I’m a parent now” kinda way but also in the “ Damn! I’m a parent now!” kinda way.

To ease up things up a little for you, here’s a list of 10 things you should know about your newborn baby:

Wait! Is this how he’s supposed to look?: This question might pop up in your head when you see your newborn baby for the first time, but don’t worry, it’s all just a matter of time. After spending 9 long months in the womb, your baby might slide out with dry skin, tiny (almost closed) eyes, a little baby acne and, well, a squished head but with time, it will all change and your baby will start resembling the babies you have always adored in baby magazines and commercials.

Say Hello to the umbilical cord: Unless you’re a child specialist, the umbilical cord is not something that you will come across on a regular basis but with your newborn child, you need to get used to that little thing staring at you right in the face for at least 2 weeks. Give your baby sponge baths and keep the cord dry. The drier the cord is, the faster it will fall off.

Go soft on the soft spot: The soft spot on the baby’s head is like a self-destruct button and let’s face it, we are all scared to touch it. Try and keep your hands off the soft spot as much as you can and if you at all you need to touch it, handle it with utmost care. The spot may pulsate like a countdown timer but don’t worry, that happens because it's directly over the blood vessels which cover the brain.

Your newborn baby loveees naps: This is how life is for a newborn baby up until 3 months old: Sleep. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. At one point you’ll find your baby napping to glory and at the next point, well, you’ll find her napping again. That’s how it is for newborns and there’s nothing you can do about it. Just ensure that her meals aren’t being jeopardized in the hibernating process.

24 hours is not enough: The files of paperwork on your office desk will seem like a piece of cake once you have a newborn in the house. In between changing diapers, pumping milk, rocking your baby, singing lullabies and squeezing in a nap for yourself, 24 hours will fly by in a snap. Don’t be surprised if watching one episode of MasterChef seems like watching a full season.

Keep your bundle of joy, bundled up: You might look at your baby all swaddled up and wonder if he/she is comfortable but take our word, your baby loves it. Newborn babies are born with a startle reflex, and swaddling them helps ensure that their arms or legs don’t wake them up when they jump while sleeping. Yes, it is quite hard to understand babies that way!

Your newborn’s nails are his biggest weapons: You ensure that there’s not a single scratch on your newborn baby while moisturizing his soft cheeks and 15 minutes later, you see a scratch. How did that happen? Newborn babies tend to scratch their faces and therefore, it’s best to trim their nails. However, if you feel like it’s too soon to cut his nails, mittens can do the trick.

Let your newborn baby burp: A good burp is the last part of a complete, digested meal and that’s what your newborn baby needs the most. Whether your newborn baby is feeding on breast milk or bottle milk, you need to make sure that it burps. You can try different positions and timings and choose the best one at your disposal. However, if you have a stubborn lil’ baby, you need to spend quite some time rubbing his back to make him burp.

Every newborn baby is a crybaby: We all know it, babies cry; in fact, that’s how they communicate. Let the problem be hunger, dirty diapers, lack of warmth or a little scratch, your newborn’s one shot solution is to cry. After a point, you start to read between those loud, never ending cries and give them exactly what they need. Way to go, parent!

Throwing up is her favorite thing to do: Your newborn baby will poop, pee and throw up on basically anything and everything. You might dress her up as a princess on your first family outing but be assured that the little pink dress will end up in the laundry basket. The cherry on the cake? Your clothes are in danger too so you better have a huge laundry basket at your service.

Feeling the pressure now? Don’t worry about it, all your hard work and struggle will seem like a pile of sawdust when you finally see your newborn smile for the first time or utter their first word.

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