Things to Know Before Booking an Appointment with the Dermatologist


Skin diseases can affect anyone, some of the common derma problems are acne, bacteria & dead skin buildup which block skin pores, Alopecia areata- a condition causing hair loss in small patches, eczema, and psoriasis. The most common symptoms you may notice are skin rashes, inflammation, itchiness, etc. While some skin conditions are genetic, several lifestyle factors may cause others. There are treatments including medications, creams or ointments, and lifestyle changes. If you are suffering from any derma problems and looking for the right dermatologist to seek medical help, here are a few tips you should remember:

A personal decision

A dermatologist helps manage skin issues, they can improve your skin texture, and treat skin diseases. Selecting a skin specialist is a very important and personal choice, especially if you suffer from a skin condition. You must do your own research, before booking an appointment with a dermatologist. Note that everyone has different skin types and what works for someone else may not work for you, so this is entirely your call.

Dermatologist’s experience

As soon as you notice problems with the looks or health of your skin and hair, you should consult a dermatologist instead of self medicating. An expert dermatologist has seen several patients with different types of skin and hair problems and has better knowledge. They will be able to advise you correctly and are competent enough to perform minor skin surgery if needed.

A preference of the doctor’s gender

It is important to feel comfortable enough to discuss your problems with the dermatologist. This is why you may prefer a specific gender of the doctor when considering a consultation. If you have to discuss sensitive and personal information, it is best to choose a dermatologist of the same gender as you. You can choose a dermatologist who has specifically been associated with your condition and your gender.

Ask about online availability

Most doctor consultations are now virtual and it is convenient for most patients as well as doctors. You can easily get on a call, chat or video call to discuss your skin and hair concerns with skilled dermatologists, from anywhere, at any time. During the pandemic, people have opted for online doctor consultations, and you may check if the doctor offers telehealth and if you feel that is better than active in-person clinic visits.

Go through the patient reviews

It is vital to read what other patients have said about the dermatologist you are planning to visit after seeking treatment from them. You must gather information about how the dermatologist’s practice is operated, waiting time, clinic surroundings, and more. Once you have read positive reviews, you will be more confident and be able to trust the doctor.

Choosing the right professional dermatologist should never be done in a rush. With proper research, reviews and recommendations you can find the best dermatologist who offers proper support and service that accommodates both your concerns and budget. Skin issues and hair problems can arise from underlying health concerns, if you have any health problem like diabetes or any allergies, always inform the doctor. Ideally, diet and lifestyle changes are suggested by dermatologists along with medicines, antibiotics, antihistamine and others. Book a consultation with one of the top dermatologists in the country today on Medibuddy and get a quick and effective remedy for your condition.