The Benefits Of a Good Night’s Sleep During The Pandemic


Today, under the grave setting of this pandemic, the world has come under one umbrella, to weather the storm together. The sheer volume of dire news that reaches us every day, has certainly cast a pall over our lives. Feeling happy has become a privilege; a thing of the past. We are constantly worried about ourselves, our families and friends. We have even started praying for strangers we have never met. Plagued by anticipation and distress, many of us have been enduring several mental health issues and sleepless nights. As natural as it may be to be worried about the future, it is important to realise that even too much anxiety can be troublesome. This is where self-care needs to be exercised. Your body is doing a critical job at keeping the deadly virus at bay, and it is imperative to lend it your complete support in doing that. Good, healthy habits need to be endorsed to have a stronger chance at wearing this pandemic down. Getting a good night’s sleep, and maintaining good sleep hygiene are two important ways to do this.

Here are a few reasons why getting good sleep is important in a pandemic:

It Can Boost Your Immune System

Your body is working tirelessly, to ensure that the virus does not invade it. Sleep is your body’s way of relaxing, replenishing and retrospection. Adequate sleep is necessary for the body to renew itself and function efficiently. It gives the body the necessary time to unwind and focus on building your immunity. The defence cells of the immune system, surveys the body and looks for cells that are developing abnormally and destroys them. The body and the brain cleanses itself of toxins. Most of these activities occur exclusively during sleep, hence inadequate sleep will make your body more vulnerable to contracting diseases.A good sleep gives an overall nudge for your body’s immune system and makes it more well-equipped to fight infections.

It Can Help Elevate Your Mood And Improve Your Mental Health

Sleep is essential for the brain to function skillfully and efficiently. Various aspects of brain functioning are influenced by sleep, which includes cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance. A good night’s sleep can ensure that you are well-rested and that you wake up with a better mood. This can help you form a more positive outlook towards things, and can assist in coping better with the situation that we are in now. Sleeping well also reduces the risk of developing mental health issues like Depression and Anxiety.

It Can Help You Be More Productive

A good night’s sleep makes sure that you wake up energetic and not lethargic. Sleep acts like food for the soul, and provides you with the motivation and vigour to perform your activities better. It can alter your temperament and lift your mood, and most people find it easier to excel in their tasks after a good night’s sleep. You may even be open to trying out new things, which can dull the monotony of having to stay indoors during the pandemic. Productivity is enhanced and you become better at what you do.

It Can Be Relaxing

During sleep, the muscles of your body are relaxed and your brain goes to rest. It is like a warm embrace that you give yourself, and it greatly helps you to calm down. Therefore, getting a good sleep is necessary, as we are faced with too many stressors daily. Sleep is borderline therapeutic, and it can help alleviate your tension, physically and mentally.

It Can Help Your Brain Function Better

While your body goes into sleep, the brain organizes itself, stacking up memories, and processes the emotional ride it took during the day.  Poor sleep leads to loss of retention of about 40% of information learnt in the day, which cannot be recalled. The brain feels rejuvenated, hence after a good sleep your problem-solving capacity is improved, decision making becomes more sophisticated and the overall performance of your brain is elevated. This can help cope with the pandemic in a more effective way.


It is normal to feel anxious given the gravity of the situation we are in. A pall of uncertainty looms over our heads like a rain cloud, and most of us get so absorbed in the news of the pandemic that we often forget to take care of ourselves and our body. In such a situation, maintaining good sleep hygiene, and getting ample sleep becomes the need of the hour. Getting a good sleep is loaded with unavoidable benefits, and can arm your body and mind to battle this pandemic more efficiently.