The dark side of social media trends.


It all started with an idea:

An idea to make an egg the most famous public figure on the face of the earth. An idea to make a pair of lips worth a billion dollars.An idea to make a toddler a business tycoon. An idea to make a little boy singing on a sidewalk a rock star.

Here's another idea.

How about we stop making a mockery out of a fellow human's mistake in the name of marketing? Brands and content creators burn the midnight oil in a race to the top. Riding every wave in hopes of going viral has now become a norm. Trending memes, content formats, videos, gifs, pictures, and posts are aplenty. It's great that we're collectively moving towards a more creative world. Kudos to all the creators out there and a big thanks for blessing us with the gift of great content!

But who's going to bell the cat?

The ugly side to this creative world is not knowing how much is too much. Let’s take a quick look at some hard-hitting numbers:

  • A study conducted by the WHO showed that 1 out of 5 Indians may be a victim of depression. The suicide cases in India is at an alarming rate of 11 for every 1 lakh, and a majority of the people who commit suicide are less than 44 years old.
  • Cyberbullying, when directly or indirectly linked to suicide, has been referred to as cyberbullicide.
  • Victims of cyberbullying were almost 2 times as likely to attempt suicide than those who were not.

There is no time more urgent than now to talk about the importance of mental health. We are still reeling in the effects of the pandemic and the changes it has brought with it. Being holed up for over a year has only worsened mental health issues. The dependency on smartphones and social media platforms to safeguard the sense of belonging has increased rapidly in the last year. Phantom vibrations and mindless scrolling are becoming the least of our concerns; cyberbullying has single-handedly managed to wreak havoc in the peaceful lives of many. What everyone who made a joke about turning 'off the mic' forgot was the aftermath of this short-lived amusement. Who's going to be talking about the mental health of that young lady? You guessed it right, no one.Well, not today. Making a fellow human the butt of all jokes stops today. Join us in our mission to go tell it on the mountains, over the hills and everywhere that 'To err is human. To make a mockery out of someone's err is inhumane.' It’s time to take matters into our own hands and highlight the need to think like a human and not work like a machine just to keep an algorithm going. [av_promobox button='yes' label='Consult Now ' link='' link_target='' color='blue' custom_bg='#f00' custom_font='#ffffff' size='large' icon_select='no' icon='ue800' font='entypo-fontello']If you ever feel like talking to someone about your issues, please know that help is always just an app away. Talk to a health expert on MediBuddy.[/av_promobox]