Some Heroes Don’t Wear Capes, We Call Them Doctors!

Dr. Ravi Khambhati

Just like Spiderman for New York & Batman for Gotham City, we always expect our doctors to be there for us no matter the time or the day. However, what kwe don’t realize is that more often than not, to keep a professional commitment, a doctor often has to break a personal one. Isn’t that what true heroes do?

Doctors indeed play a significant role in our lives. From the moment we arrive in this world, to the moment we depart, a doctor is there to welcome & bid us farewell. The absolute first and the last event of a human being’s life is certified by a doctor.

A doctor's life is a challenge between personal promises and professional commitments. A doctor would love a balanced life like most other professionals. However, looking beyond these desires is just one of the things that makes a doctor. Doctors work day & night, irrespective of weekends, birthdays, family functions or festivals. They more than often sacrifice on such little joys in their lives, so that we can cherish what life throws at us.

These great souls find happiness, not in things that are temporary, but in things that transcend. Relieving the sick from their sickness, elevating human lives to a healthier state by preventing and removing ailments, is what gives meaning to their existence. A doctor is one who truly believes in the idea that, giving adds to the circle of life, receiving not so much, and this is what makes them heroes, Our Heroes!

What we must remember is that we can only imagine what it takes to be a real doctor. We want our doctor to come and fix our problem, but we never take a moment to think, what did the doctor leave behind just to be there for us.

This Doctor’s Day, let’s celebrate the work that doctors do every day. Share an incident on how a doctor became your real-life hero. Share your stories/ experiences on your social media with #WhatMakesADoctor & we promise to share it on ours.

Happy Doctor’s Day!

Dr. Ravi Khambhati

MBBS, DVD - Dermatology

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