Recover from Fever With These Foods


Foods that will help you get well soon

During a fever, you don’t feel like eating anything due to a loss of appetite. Even your favorite food feels tasteless, and the willingness to eat disappears all of a sudden. However, it is important to understand what food to eat during a fever to provide the body with nourishment to help you recover soon and relieve fever symptoms.

Here are some foods that will help you get well soon:

Chicken Soup

Full of vitamins, minerals, calories, and protein, chicken soup is the ultimate source of nutrients your body needs while you are sick. It clears the nasal passages, eliminates congestion, and helps fight flu with the amino acids present in it. A warm bowl of chicken soup is considered to be comfort food. It also keeps you hydrated as your body needs more fluids during this time.


Garlic is known to have numerous health benefits. It stimulates immunity and improves your overall health. Include a few pods of garlic in your daily meals and you can notice promising results immediately.

Hot Tea

A cup of hot tea with a little bit of ginger can help relieve congestion. It also acts as an antioxidant and is equivalent to anti-inflammatory drugs. Tea has polyphenols which have natural health benefits.


Honey is known to have antibacterial properties. Use a teaspoon full mixed with tea, milk, or warm water to help relieve from cold, sore throat, and a coughYoghurt

Rich in calcium and other minerals, yogurt is one of the most beneficial probiotics. It is the ideal food to eat during a fever and sore throat. The good bacteria fight the bad ones and allow you to feel better quickly.

Fruits and vegetables

These are a great source of fiber and vitamins, which boost your immune system. Fruits like bananas contain soluble fibers, oranges and lemon have high vitamin content, pomegranates have strong antibacterial properties, and leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce are packed with nutrients and make for a perfect meal to eat during fever.


When we mention foods to eat during fever, we cannot miss out on fish. It is rich in proteins and plays an important role in regulating the immune functioning of our bodies. This will help you recover from the fever faster.


Water when you are sick and down with a fever, staying hydrated is very essential. Coconut water is considered to be an important food to eat during fever. While your body gets fluids, the glucose and the electrolytes in coconut water help restore your energy and cure any discomfort in your stomach.

Foods to eat during dengue fever

In case you are suffering from dengue fever, the key is to stay hydrated. The right food plays an integral role in recovery from dengue fever. Vegetable juices and papaya leaf juice are common and effective remedies. Coconut water, herbal tea, and neem leaves also can be consumed during dengue fever.


A runny nose, sore throat, cough, and fever will surely drain you out and leave you feeling exhausted. This is when you need to take an ample amount of rest and eat healthily. If you are taking medicines, eating right will help the medicines work efficiently and relieve your symptoms. So watch your diet and fight the fever.