Why You Should Start Consuming Raw Garlic


Garlic is used in food preparations around the world, from Mexican salsa to Indian curry. Chefs all over the world swear by its efficacy and the people of the world love its potent taste. Most of us however treat garlic as just another ingredient, something to add a dash of flavour to food. But the truth about garlic is that it has many benefits that we aren’t aware of. Packed with nutrients that are good for you, garlic helps with many physical issues apart from being a yummy delight in cooked food. There are a growing number of popular ideas that suggest eating garlic raw, not just for the pungent taste but also to avail all the health benefits of this wonder herb. Let's take a deeper dive and find out how exactly garlic can be beneficial. By the end of this review, you might be convinced to increase the quantity of garlic in your diet!

Sulphur Compounds In Fresh Garlic: Garlic is full of beneficial sulphur compounds when it is cut, crushed or chewed. One of these compounds, allicin, has been scientifically proven to have antibacterial properties. Allicin is thought to be the exclusive reason for garlic's antibacterial properties, and cooked garlic doesn’t contain as much allicin since this compound typically decomposes into less effective compounds when garlic is cooked.

Possible Neuro-Benefits: Another one of the sulphur compounds found in garlic is SAC (S-allyl cysteine). In some tests, these compounds were shown to have neuroprotective properties as well as being anti-inflammatory. It is to be noted that these benefits came from age garlic extract, which may not be the kind of benefits you experience from fresh or cooked garlic. Similarly, another compound of garlic is diallyl disulphide, which is required to create enzymes that detoxify our body’s cells. This action of diallyl disulphide thus contributes to a reduction in inflammation. It’s no wonder then that many people swear by the medicinal anti-inflammatory benefits of garlic!

Nutrition Minus Extra Calories: Garlic contains a lot of nutrients and yet it does not have a high calorific value. In 3 grams of garlic, there is 2% of Manganese and Vitamin B6 each, as well as 1% of Vitamin C and Selenium. Garlic packs a big punch in a small package as it also contains fibre and other minerals like copper, potassium and phosphorus. In this same amount (3g) there is also 1 gram of carbs and just 4.5 calories! So whether you want to boost your vitamin levels or you need to add healthier nutritious food into your diet, garlic is a great choice.

Usage Against Colds: In certain studies, garlic was shown to improve and provide relief from cold symptoms. Garlic has long been prescribed as a medicinal treatment throughout history and it turns out these herbs actually might have some use for immunity. Although the scientific conclusions are not strong enough yet and more research is needed, it won’t hurt to add more garlic to your diet and see whether it reduces your cold symptoms. Give it a try, since many people have experienced benefits from using garlic and you might too.

Heart Health: As we get older, there is a tendency for the arteries to develop plaque buildup, which can lead to severe complications. Garlic has been shown to lower blood pressure which helps to lower the formation of plaque and reduce your risk of cardiac-related conditions. It should be noted that in studies, the people often took garlic in the form of extracts that contain more garlic nutrients than fresh or cooked garlic, so you might not see too many cardio benefits just from eating garlic. Doctors advise that cardiac health can be achieved with a full balanced diet rather than just adding one or two miracle foods. With its high nutritional value and widespread health benefits, it’s easy to see why garlic has been and continues to be suggested as a wonder herb. As always, it is important that you maintain other parts of your diet as well to enjoy all these benefits. Simply adding a lot of garlic to your daily routine will not change much if you hold on to poor dietary habits at the same time! However, because of its unique and strong taste, it will; surely be easy to incorporate a little more garlic (preferably raw) into your nutritional plan. Keep in mind that no herb or food can magically fix all your health issues nor should it be used as a substitute for medication.