Pregnancy For Fathers-To-Be

Pregnancy for fathers-to-be

Are you excited to become the ‘World’s Greatest Dad’? Great! But before that, there is one small step remaining... The 9-month wait for your bundle of joy! Supporting your spouse through her pregnancy is vital. It’s important to send her the message- we’re in it together! The Mom & Miracle program by MediBuddy can help you learn, understand and clear doubts on how you can be there for your partner, every step of the way. For now, prep yourself with the basics on how to help a mom-to-be in each trimester.

First Trimester

What’s Going On: You might notice that your spouse is nauseous quite often. She might complain about heartburn and tummy troubles as well! How You Can Help: Simple! Make mini-meals for her. Small portion sizes will reduce heartburn issues. Make her some piping-hot ginger tea to help her get rid of nausea. Did You Know? Your baby can hear your voice in the 12th week!

Second Trimester

What’s Going On: Her belly continues to grow to make space for the baby! Pregnancy hormones are on the rise too. In the next few months she will start gaining weight as her appetite increases. Indigestion and heartburn are still going to be a major issue for her. How You Can Help: Make sure not to miss any of her ultrasound appointments! This is when she will start needing maternity clothes, so why not plan a shopping trip? Did You Know?You may be able to hear the thump-thump of your baby's heartbeat during this trimester.

Third Trimester

What’s Going On: Ouch! Your spouse might be getting leg cramps! She will also have Braxton Hicks contractions during this period. As the date of delivery comes closer, you might begin to face the symptoms of pregnancy too. This includes anxiety, mood swings and weight gain. How You Can Help: Take care of yourself. Stay physically active to give your mind a break. And keep a crepe bandage handy for those pesky leg cramps that your spouse is going through. Did You Know?Braxton Hicks contractions are “false” contractions that are a source of severe discomfort, but they do not cause labour.

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