Plan For Your Baby The Right Way!

Plan For You Baby The Right Way!

No baby comes with an instruction manual. The best you can do is plan ahead and cross your fingers. There’s no way to be a perfect parent, but there are some things you can do to stay prepared! Keep these ideas in mind while making your baby plan.

Financial Plan

For starters, you won’t believe how fast your baby will go through diapers. It is going to be a recurring expense for a while! On a more serious note, budgeting is an important part of parenthood. Is maternity benefit covered in your insurance? Do you have a 6-month financial cushion for emergencies? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself!

Home Plan

Get your house in order before the baby comes. Store cleaning products and medication where they can’t be reached. There will be heaps of baby clothes, towels and more that need cleaning so make sure to plan your laundry ahead of time. Houses are a hazard-prone place for babies so ensure that you babyproof your house by covering up all the sharp edges and electrical sockets within reach!

Social Plan

You’ll be taking on a new role soon. This will affect every part of your life, including your social life. Friends and family will have to take a backseat for your baby’s needs. It is healthy to squeeze in time for socializing. You could hang out with other new parents - they would definitely understand your joys and problems better than others.

Emotional Plan

Postpartum blues affect both men and women. Get ahead of the curve by taking care of yourself. Talk to an expert on mental wellbeing. You can get assured expert help through the Mom & Miracle Program by MediBuddy.

Work Plan

The uncertainty doesn’t just affect you but can spill over to your work as well. To make the transition as smooth as possible, keep your employer informed about impending leaves and request for flexible work options.