Now Order Medicines Online to Your Doorstep

Medicines at Your Doorstep

Falling sick and getting treated is an inescapable part of life. And with treatment comes prescription medicines, which can be bought from a medical store close to you. But there is no guarantee that the medicines prescribed to you are available at the medical store. There is also no guarantee that the alternate medicine provided by the pharmacist has the required composition prescribed to you. Moreover, why go to a medical store when it can come to you? Now you can just order your prescription medicines from us and get it delivered to your doorstep in a simpler and faster way.

Here is how you can order medicines online with us:

  • Visit MediBuddy and click the ‘Medicines’ tile.
  • Enter the patient details, delivery address where the medicines need to be delivered, and preferred time of delivery.
  • Upload a copy of your valid prescription. Search for your prescribed medicines and place the order.
  • Medicines will be handed over to you upon validating the original prescription.

Why order from us?

While you can go and buy your prescription medicines from your closest medical store, here are the advantages of ordering your medicines from us.

  • Assured availability of prescription and specialty drugs.
  • Genuineness of the medicines you are buying from us.
  • Attractive discounts on MRP on the medicines you are buying.
  • Multiple payment options
  • You can also make your purchase cashless based on the domiciliary cover available to you and as per the terms and conditions as stated in your health insurance policy. Additionally, if your chosen service is sponsored, you will see it as a credit in your MediBuddy wallet and you can use the same to avail a cashless service.

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