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And so it was decreed by the Delhi High Court — online medicine sales to cease until the central government frames rules and regulations. The online pharmacy fraternity was thrown in a tizzy when the gavel was pounded, and the word spread like wildfire on the internet.

What does the ‘Rule’ entail?

According to the new draft rules, e-pharmacies must register with the Government of India and their operations will be strictly regulated by the health ministry. The new directive also goes on to say that online pharmacies must register under CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation) and land an all-India trade licence from any state government.But it doesn’t end there. Medicines being purchased online will also require prescription(s) and pharmacies disbursing the goods must chronicle records. Also, patient confidentiality must be respected and no information must leak, domestically or globally. The verdict also mandates setting-up of facilities for grievance redressal and customer support, with a complete embargo on the sale of tranquillizers, psychotropic drugs, and narcotics.

How Will This Change Benefit The Consumers?

Lawmakers insinuate that online pharmacies are unregulated in the present regime. When you deal with unauthorised pharmacies, you run the risk of using spurious, contaminated, sub-standard, misbranded, and fake medicines which can put your safety and health in grave danger. So, this ban on online medicines clamps down on such practices.The verdict also touches on the subject of prescriptions. The practice of selling medicines without a valid prescription can have fatal consequences as people can misuse drugs that can lead them to drug addiction. This ban, in effect, fosters patient safety and safeguards citizens from situations like a drug epidemic or drug abuse.    The ruling from the courts is in the interest of the consumers at large, to protect their rights and their health from malicious practices. With the rise in e-commerce and changing trends in lifestyles and consumer behaviour, availability of medicines online instantly started to find favour with urbanites in particular. It also came as a boon for areas with limited access to pharmacies and for repeat orders for chronic ailments.

The Big Q: Will MediBuddy’s Online Medicine Services Continue?

While how many courts follow suit and what other rules will be implemented is still up in the air, you can, as always, order medicines on MediBuddy. Truth be told, we’ve always adhered to rules and made our services available for consumers by operating within a framework stipulated by the higher-ups.Here’s why we were, are, and will continue being your trusted online medicine provider.

  • We partner with only licensed service providers for delivery of prescription medicines, right to your home or office
  • A valid prescription is all you require for doorstep delivery/in-store pickup of medicines by licensed service providers on MediBuddy

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