Solve Health Issues at Home With MediBuddy Gold

Solve Health Issues at Home With MediBuddy Gold

It still comes as a surprise to some people that they can consult a doctor online. The question“But doesn’t a doctor have to see me?” comes first to people’s minds. While this is a valid concern, this mindset negates all the other times that a person can resolve a health issue without going to a doctor. The pros of consulting a doctor online far outweigh this con. These reasons include:

  • Chronic ailments: For ailments that need constant monitoring, it becomes easier to get a consultation online.
  • Geographical barriers: One can even consult a specialist who works in a different city.
  • Lack of time: Juggling work while making time for health issues is a real concern.
  • Privacy: Online consultations provide privacy for sensitive issues related to sexual and mental health issues.
  • Other reasons: It’s a boon during a pandemic, if you have been asked to stay at home during  the crisis. There might be some people who cannot physically make it to a doctor because of their age or due to the limitations of being differently-abled.

We at MediBuddy understand that online consultation is the need of the hour. Thus, we introduce  MediBuddy Gold- unlimited online doctor consultations for you and your family. This is a Company Sponsored/Partly-Paid health benefit for you. MediBuddy Gold provides the  ‘Gift of Health’ for you and your family, with the assurance of top-notch medical consultations without having to step out of your home.Here are the salient features of MediBuddy Gold:

  • Unlimited Online Consultations
  • Specialist MD doctors
  • For the entire family (4 adults and 2 children)
  • For an entire year
  • Across 18 specialities including diabetes, cardiac, orthopedics, stress and mental health, sexual problems and more.
  • In 16 Indian languages including Kannada, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Kashmiri, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam and more.

Just follow these simple steps to avail MediBuddy Gold:

  1. Download the MediBuddy App from Google Play or App Store
  2. Tap on Online Consultations > Phone Consultation.
  3. Tap on the 'MediBuddy Gold' banner.
  4. View and Choose your plan.
  5. Click 'Buy Now' and apply your UNIQUE COUPON CODE  ( if applicable).
  6. Confirm payment (if applicable).
  7. Start talking to a doctor online!

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