Stay Healthy and Safe, Even at Your Workplace


Have you been ignoring that backache for long?

That, unfortunately, is the story with most of us! We suffer day in and day out from seemingly common ailments that compound over-time and become full-blown diseases before we even begin to realize it. Studies have shown that, barring some cases, most diseases start out with mild yet determinable symptoms which we tend to ignore. This ignorance stems from the frantic pace of our lives, leaving us no time to spare to tend to our medical ailments, while also encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle and poor dietary choices.

Even when we do decide to consult with a specialist, there is the issue of time off from work, sometimes for multiple follow up visits with the doctor, which may not find favour with most corporate set ups.

Promoting Workforce Health and Safety

Keeping the paucity of time in our lives into perspective, Medi Assist brings medical convenience and comfort right into your workplace with occupational healthcare services to promote health and wellness in the workplace. MediClinic, which is the Occupational Health Centre by Medi Assist, provides professional medical help to employees on campus. It not only helps in administering medical services but significantly enhances employee productivity while optimizing costs on medical care. The general services provided at the MediClinic include medical manpower in the form of doctors and nurses for the primary care of onsite injuries, ambulance and life support services for advanced care, medicines and equipment, bio-medical waste management and internal audits.

MediClinic and MediBuddy

The occupational health facility is also equipped with the MediClinic software, which allows our personnel to capture valuable data such as walk-in details and medicines prescribed to the patient. Employees can also access the information pertaining to these walk-ins on MediBuddy which can be accessed either from the portal or app. [av_promobox button='yes' label='Book now on MediBuddy' link='']So go ahead, get your workplace equipped with the MediClinic, and experience professional medical care right in your campus! You can also log into MediBuddy to book specialized healthcare services with us.[/av_promobox]

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