10 Ways To Do More With MediBuddy

Tips to make the most of MediBuddy

If you’ve been enjoying the MediBuddy experience for a while now, you’ve discovered an easier way to manage your healthcare needs. But are you making the most of the convenience placed before you? If you are missing out on anything on MediBuddy, we’ve lined them up here for you to get better acquainted with us!

Compare before you take your pick

With health checks, a one-size-fits-all approach simply can’t work. We know your needs are diverse and bring together a varied range of health check packages from our partner service providers. What’s more? We allow you to compare health check packages and book the best fit for you!

Add more to your cart of lab tests

Yes, it’s as simple as that! Once you’ve picked a lab test from your preferred service provider, you can add as many more tests from the same provider in a single order as you’d like. Add to this the convenience of home sample collection, and you’ll get your full set of prescribed tests completed without any hassle.

Smile brighter with discounts on select dental procedures

MediBuddy categorizes dental services by speciality to help you find the right dental care….and at the best prices! But if you thought Dental services on MediBuddy were only for consultations, you’re in for a surprise. Check out the Procedure Discounts listed alongside the dentist / provider of your choice. And during your consultation, should your dentist prescribe any of those listed procedures, your order confirmation letter makes you eligible for additional discounts on them.

Multiple payment options

You won’t feel restricted for choice when it comes to payment modes either! Pay via multiple payment options - credit/debit card, net banking, digital wallet, or UPI - an RBI regulated payment gateway.

Flexible rescheduling

Meeting running late or last minute visitors, whatever your reason to reschedule your appointments, we’re happy to help! So don’t worry about missing your health check or disrupting your day to make it to a consultation, reschedule at your convenience instead.

Go digital with your health information

One of the most difficult things to remember or carry around is your health benefits information. What if you could access it anytime, anywhere? That’s precisely what your MediBuddy login allows you to do. You can access your health benefits information like insurance benefits, domiciliary benefits and MediBuddy e-card for hospital admission anytime through the MediBuddy portal, or even more simply through the MediBuddy app.

Plan your healthcare to reduce costs

Going by word of mouth for hospitalization or inpatient procedures and treatments? That’s not the only way to do it anymore. MediBuddy gives you the freedom of informed choice, allowing you to plan your hospitalization with ease: pick a network hospital closest to you; compare treatment costs among network hospitals; pick your choice of room; and get visibility into cost of care, and plan for possible out-of-pocket expenses.

Keep track of your orders

Can’t remember when the follow on test or doctor consultation is due? Just log on to MediBuddy! You’ll find your order history there for easy reference. Whether you are trying to remember the service provider from last time, or just looking for your order information, check your order history on the MediBuddy portal or app.

Medicines at your doorstep

Convenient doorstep delivery and discounts on every order of medicines are not the only advantages of placing your pharmacy orders on MediBuddy. You can also refill your prescription routinely when you are on medication for chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension. Just use the refill option and you don’t have to upload your prescription each time!

Medicines with prescriptions

Outdated or illegible prescriptions? No worries again, get an ePrescription facilitated by our pharmacy partners and vetted online by a doctor and proceed with your order. [av_promobox button='yes' label='Book a preferred service on MediBuddy' link='https://www.medibuddy.in/?utm_source=blog_cta&utm_medium=blog']For all your medical needs, begin with MediBuddy and stay guided with your choices![/av_promobox]

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