6 Steps to Enjoy Host of Wellness Services

Wellness Services

Healthcare goes beyond inpatient hospitalization. It includes wellness, eating healthy and living a healthy life. An important part of maintaining good health is getting a periodic health check, regular lab tests and scans done. But running around in search of these services may be quite confusing and time-consuming. How would it be if you could access a world of healthcare and wellness services on your palm? And how would it be if you can obtain them as a personalized package? Now, obtain access to a host of health and wellness services including annual health checks, specialist OPD appointments, lab tests and investigations, and much more through just a click.

Here is how you can obtain these health and wellness services:

1. Go to your MediBuddy app or the MediBuddy online portal 2. Click the ‘Wellness’ tile 3. Select the type of wellness program and package you want 4. Select your preferred network medical center 5. Select your preferred date and time 6. Book your appointment. It is as easy as that. So, just pick up your phone or laptop and opt for your required health service today.