A Fresh New Feel to MediBuddy, Now on the App Store!

Planned eCashless Hospitalization

The digital era has transformed the way we look for solutions. With that in mind, MediBuddy came to be a centralized, digital platform that lets you access services at the click of a button. Simple, quick and efficient. Whether it is to maintain electronic health records or for online claims management or to avail eCashless facilities for planned hospitalization, there is a wealth of convenience in the MediBuddy platform.

The Latest Update on MediBuddy

Just a few months ago, we had informed you about the new and improved version of MediBuddy, which had been made available for the Android platform.

This new version of MediBuddy is now also available for the iOS platform!

Apart from an enhanced look and feel, you will now enjoy a host of additional features such as:

  • Notifications on your phone – to keep you informed of the status of your claims and other important information, even when you are not using the app or your device.
  • Dynamic search for network hospitals on the map – to allow you to click anywhere on the map to locate a hospital. Learn more
  • Offline mode – which lets you download and access your e-card.
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) – which can be viewed in the offline mode.
  • In-app capability to take pictures – which lets you upload your prescriptions and other documents to the Online Repository in an instant.
  • Ability to change your password – to ensure safety of your account.

If you are an existing MediBuddy user, your app will be automatically upgraded!

[av_promobox button='yes' label='Download the App Here' link='https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/medibuddy/id946666981?mt=8']Navigate through the new and improved MediBuddy app today, and revel in the experience of an upgrade! Don’t have the MediBuddy app yet? Download it today from the App Store! [/av_promobox]